Rate my dick

Rate my dick

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That's a penis

9-10/10 good shit


My cock is better

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You will say cock like a proper Saxon

jew dick never beats uncut lmao

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fuck i love big uncut dicks they are beautiful

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I am uncut faggot

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well the pic looked mutilated so my apoloies then

My foreskin gets tight af when I'm rock hard

do you cum a lot?

Your cocks just made for cock and ball torture

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Only about twice a week. I'm edging on the days I don't cum

damn thats hot

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Gives you more control and you decide when you cum when you're fucking your wife

wife? yall straight or what lmaoo

The shape of the thing is slightly overtaken by the slump of fat resulting in a harsh occlusion at the base of the shaft giving it a wonky sort of character. Fortunately for you it isn't entirely off-putting! Just a smidge unconventional but once you acclimate to that this is a very attractive cock with a beefy head on him and a pleasant girth in the shaft. A solid 7 out of 10 f from me!

Well I'm not a faggot hahaha

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well i'm gay and i'm not the one posting cocks online :shrug:

Eyyyy I remember this appetizing 9 out of 10 from a previous thread. Looking good as ever, sir. Unfortunately for OP I will have to agree yours is the superior specimen. Stay safe, my man

Is your cock as big as mine?

Always appreciate your kind words sir. Thanks