Why cant I get any girls

Why cant I get any girls.
I'm 7/10 atleast

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Maybe it's your approach. Act like a normal person, not someone who frequents Any Forums

I don't understand. I've got the looks I'm smart handsome tall and women flock around me. I have no problem with one night but I'm an emotional guy who wants a young woman to carry my children

>to carry my children
This is a weird way to think about it. That's probably part of your issue.

My nigga you got a big ass forehead and weird thoughts

4/10 at best

You look like a serial killer.

What the fuck man.

You look like one of those political lunatics except your quiet and going to do a shooting one day.

Try some makeup to deflect away from your hideous intentions.

I'm also a huge guy. 7 for tall


Haven't heard that one before.
Where to get a gun from?

This is the last place you should be asking questions like this. Don't go to reddit either, find normal people in your life and figure what they're doing that you aren't.

Those frames aren't doing you any favors.

You should probably stop laying down horizontally when you're outside your house. They probably think you're a bum.

I'm fully aware of seething butthurt virgin black and white men roaming here.
Just felt bored and wanted to see Any Forums infamous trolls throw keyboard punches at me.

Good tip bro!
Thought it be better to lay in passive position instead of being a 2 metre towering threat .

Don't worry user NDEs prove that there is an afterlife so Earthly dating failures do not matter.

Of course, nothing gets normies and NPCs more uncomfortable and/or riled up than the idea that near-death experiences are ACTUALLY real, and that there is good reason to think that they are and that we should take them seriously.

Here is an extremely persuasive argument for why near-death experiences (NDEs) are real:


It makes a huge deal about the fact that near-death experiencers (NDErs) are representative of the population as a whole, and that when people go deep into the NDE, they all become convinced. As this article points out:


>"Statistics collected ... show that the "deeper" the NDE ... the greater the percentage of those who come away certain of the existence of the afterlife. Among those with the deepest experiences ... 100 percent came away agreeing with the statement, "An afterlife definitely exists"."

Since NDErs are representative of the population as a whole, and they are all convinced, then 100% of the population become convinced that there is an afterlife when they have a sufficiently deep NDE themselves. And so would you, me, or anyone, including the most dogmatic atheists and skeptics, because it is VASTLY more self-evidently real than this puny little experience of life on Earth we have now. When you dream and wake up, you immediately realize that life is more real than your dream. When you have an NDE, the same thing is happening, but on a higher level, as you immediately realize that life is the deep, deep dream and the NDE world is the real world.

Needless to say, even physicians, neuroscientists, and psychiatrists are convinced by their NDEs.

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Wtf bot. I didn't die yet

You see even manly face. A strong chin and cheek bones doesn't mean shit haha

If you want to attract trolls, you'll need to do better than "here's a pic of the most boring guy I could find, asking for generic dating advice"

Get rid of you ego first, then try to talk to women

You're not attractive dude and being a egotistical douche is like putting on female repellent.

poverty? looks only matter until college. In real life your earning determines the quality of women in your life.

All the people here will tell you about gym, and "git social bro"... all of that is nonsense. If you want attractive women please start making more $.

Lame how we are forced to accept this.
In a way, this makes women objects and whores.

In the real world. You want to be the 3/10 ugly fat guy making 10x more than some attractive 8/10 guy with perfect facial symmetric and muscles and a normal job.

The 3/10 fattie will fuck all the hotties that your 8/10 will only dream about. Simply because he is making a ton more money.

Money changes the game completely in the real world.

I make 500k a year.
I'm not wearing clothes to flash my wealth. I don't see why that's a problem.

keeping in mind that the truth is often uncomfortable to hear:

> you have poor aesthetic sense.
> but you can get around this by paying for someone to help you choose clothes, glasses etc.
> you also look fucking sad (sorry but people aren't attracted to this)

But physically, you are good enough looking.

What kind of glasses should I wear. And why would I let anyone choose my clothes. I'm a man and no need to look like a posh model. I wear practical. In and out door wear. I like to get my hands dirty so Armani won't be good