What is something that instantly makes you disregard someone else’s opinion?

For me it’s people who support illegal immigration, or the british monarchy.

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When they oppose abortions.

i don't think it's even because of ethical reasons, but rather they don't like whores not wanting to suck their dick.

It was better when you posted the Ben Garrison drawings. These are low effort

if they are shorter than me or stupid

Any Forumstards outside of Any Forums
Especially when they spam red hat images or start their posts with slander and obvious in group preference.
If they all died tomorrow the world would be better for it.
I imagine one of them will read this and think "They are on the enemy team!" Fuck you. Fuck you with all the fucks there are.

Religion. Can't stand it.

>being under the age of 30
>blue hair
>twitch streamer/viewer
>has a Netflix/Disney sub

for me it's two words,
tipping point.

When they say retarded shit like this

For me it's the black colour lf skin.

Agreed, I’m adding those to my list.

>illegal immigration supporters
>monarchy supporters
>baby murderers

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Everything about this picture is bullshit and you posting it makes you a faggot.

B is literally random you massive faggot


Use of buzzwords, especially "woke."

Anyone who thinks "Yellow" will change anything. So fucking stupid

It's Ben Garrison. Anything he draws is bullshit

SJW/WOKE ideology

People who say "it's giving me ___ "
Or people who believe in star signs.
I never take them or thier ideas seriously. Believing in zondiacs correlate with below average iq

a faggot making a topic on Any Forums is always an automatic ignore of opinion.

kys faggot op

Congrats. Everything you just said is stupid bullshit that I will disregard

>free medical care.
In America? Lmao.

What part of it is BS? It looks pretty spot on to me. My source is Biden's actions on migration. What are your sources for your claims?

if xe's american

Typical SJW mindset. Baseless attacks on something you know nothing of.

you give me the heebejeebies

having more than 9 fingers


If they voted for trump, especially if more than once

Hillary is more hated than Trump lol. She lost to him because she’s a murderer and cant satisfy her husband.

I've seen enough of his his homo-erotic drawings of Donald Trump to know that Ben Garrison is completely out of his gourd, so there's my evidence. As far as me being SWJ? Not a fucking chance. I believe in controlling immigration, troons can fuck off and you can go to hell with your pronouns.. I just hate that fat lying sack of shit and his fanboy cocksucker Garrison. Oh, and you, for using SJW as though it's a real insult.