Did MJF make a mistake by giving him the One Ring?

did MJF make a mistake by giving him the One Ring?

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OP I'm really curious what you think a good-looking woman looks like

>height mogged by wifey

Did you come up with this op? Really bad comparison, I truly don’t see the resemblance but I appreciate your attempt

Gain tastes nigga and quit simping for Miz 2.

one that doesn't straight up look like fucking smeagol

shes fucking ugly

kek sure hope this doesn't get to mjf, he would seethe

This is Any Forums, brother. Only sweaty men and japanese children are posted here. By those metrics that is a man.

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I posted it to his twitter

Link nigger.

we don't use that word here

She cute. I would do anything to have a white wife.


Nah she's hot

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youre literally a faggot if you wouldnt fuck this broad

You got engaged to a butterface Maxwell.

Bitch looks like this motherfucker

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Little jew boy has a thing for Smeagol.

if you cover the face she's a 10

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Are you face-blind? That's Marko Stunt

>liked by Tony Khan
What did he mean by this?

kek he's gonna leave her for some random ring rat