AEW’s women are way more attractive than WWE’s

AEW’s women are way more attractive than WWE’s

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Anna Jay mogs literally everyone in wwe

Did you forget about Lexi?

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I'm gay so I don't care

I dunno man, WWE has Goblina Vega, Liv, Gigi, Coomella, Etc

They also have hideous freaks but nobody is hotter than the hottest E-girls

True for main roster. But i think nxt got them beat.

That's an ugly as fuck man.

The constant barrage of hideousness anytime I dare look in an AEW Women's general suggests otherwise.

Rhonda's is hot too

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Isn't AEW the same fed with a roster so dry that you have to meme literal men like Kris Stat, Jamie and Toni as hot?

Almost all wrestling women are overrated. The hottest is like an 8. If anyone was hot they would get into acting or something.


Anna Jay has a great ass but a very bland face and is overrated hard by AEWtists because she's the only woman there that doesn't look like either some sort of man or a butterfaced mutant.
I mean seriously she'd not even any prettier than some white trash plain Jane like Ronda , just wears more makeup. She has a way better body (dat ass) but that face is so plain and overrated. She'd be invisible on WWE's roster.

Jamie is fucking hot

they are all men

same brother

>She'd be invisible on WWE's roster.
She'd be invisible as an instagram influencer. Anna coomers are convinced she's good looking enough to coast on her looks in Hollywood lmao

The hottest woman on the planet wrestles for nxt

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Sorry but That ass wins
Perfect ass for brap

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agreed desu

The women of nxt legitimately mog every other wrestling promotion on the planet. Based Shawn

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She doesn’t look like this anymore