Eddie's not in heaven

eddie's not in heaven

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That's a man

even better

OK how u know?


you tell me

even you don't want to make out with this feminine beauty but think these are attractive you need to reconsider

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Heaven is in the arms of this cutie


Arielle Maxine

based thanks


i would bugger that man ironically

Men have bigger knees than women. Captain Falcon up there has some big old knees.
All that makeup on, but those unkempt eyebrows?
The receding hairline
The shoulders are of male proportion
Women with hair that long and that looks obsessed take good care of their hair. His looks limp and lifeless, like dudes hair.
He got big ol teeth. Dudes get bigger teeth than women do, due to natural testosterone.

If you're thirsting for this aesthetic, get an escort and request her to wear her school girl uniform. Guarantee that the natural woman is prettier and somehow less crazy.

thats a man!!!!

you're definitely a closet case

There's a threshold of cuteness that if passed it doesn't matter if someone is a woman or not


nah you are

Holy Yuckola!

yeah but no girldick so I'm not into it

Rhea is so fucking ugly Jesus Christ have mercy

>Guarantee that the natural woman is prettier and somehow less crazy.

Nah I ain't gay, but these natural beauties
look way uglier. That tranny dude looks way more feminine and faggots like yourself try way too hard to assert yourself as masculine.

Are there any cute trannys that don’t do porn/onlyfans ?

No, it's called making free money. I used to sell videos of me jacking off and old creeps would send shit ton of cash. It's only natural to monetize yourself, you don't even have to be that good looking

As long as I never see them in "boy mode", cute traps are immensely over with me.

hes in south america with tupac, hitler, elvis and jim morrison