Are you pro abortion user?

are you pro abortion user?

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Yes, because people who would kill their unborn child shouldn't procreate anyway.
Ideally after couple or so abortions whores would be sterilized, but this isn't ideal world sadly.

Also- can someone translate pic to me? I feel like I'm developing brain damage while trying to read it.

it's good thing to remember anytime while talking about this is that if men were the ones to get pregnant, they'd all have free access to abortion and it be wide spread. the only male opposition just wants women to suffering and be stuck in dangerous situations because they are petty or want women to suffer.

>If the men were majority of homeless we would have 4-star homeless shelters on every corner
>If the men were majority of suicide casualties we would have support personel issued to every depressed loner
>If the men were majority of workplace casualty we would abolish work and force only women to work
And other roastie fairy tales...

another delusional and retarded bot who can't give equal comparisons instead of bringing up irrelevant shit. good job retard

>irrelevant shit
Women trully are retarded

I don't think it's necessarily wanting woman to suffer, but it's an easy way to score some cheap morality points.
They all claim they would not abort if they were pregnant but it's a claim they will never be able to back up and they know it.

dumb fuck, it's all about autonomy. males have full autonomy and nowadays women do not. nothing you mentioned has anything to do autonomy. kys perma bot. it's mostly males trying and succeeding in oppressing women.

No, feeling more pro life everyday.

Not that I care one bit about muh feetus, but seeing whiny libtards and women who prove themself incompetent tantrum-throwing children who can't control their urges over this shit again and again?
That is just too much fun to pass up.

Have you ever considered that we actually consider killing of child disgusting? Born or unborn, doesn't matter.
Doubly so if cunt parades her abortion as some sorry of bravery. No, it wasn't brave, it was selfish. Stop being proud in your selfishness!

I am, because in my ideal world when a woman goes to get an abortion, they abort her too.

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yes since its mainly darkies who abort

If that was a valid accusation, how is it that marriage is a financial deathtrap for guys?

Yes, simply because if I'd expect a child and a doctor would tell me that a child will be retarded/severely deformed and/or suffering, I'd very much appreciate it if I wouldn't have to wipe it's ass for the rest of my life (literally, retards don't move out) and take loans to afford medical procedures for it.

It's EXTREMELY retarded to consider abortion only as get out of jail free card for whores when it can allow you to live your life the way you want to live it.

And above all else: if you are against abortion, noone is forcing you to have one. You can literally be against it and not have it. If you are pro abortion, you should have access to one. Simple as.

>Have you ever considered that we actually consider killing of child disgusting
This just shows lack of rational thinking ability because a fetus is not a child by a long shot. It pretty much conforms to the definition of parasite until birth.
Aborting a fetus does not bring suffering to anyone involved. The fetus isn't aware of the life it would miss (no one even knows how that life would look like), it doesn't feel pain, doesn't even have a drive to live.
It does however cause suffering to the unwanting mother, and later to the neglected child that was prevented from existing.
All in all abortion eliminates more suffering than it brings(which is 0).
If you can't come to this conclusion you're too invested in sentimental theologic reasonings.

Lol the duality of your mind must be fascinating. You say this on Any Forums that absolutely totally unironically does hate women as wishes them to suffer. Just admit it that this is what people who want women to give birth to unwanted pregnancies think. They like the idea of the woman having consequences that will hurt her.

>males have full autonomy and nowadays women do not
Because you weren't born with souls, NPCs can never have autonomy. You run on a cosmic botscript.

>r9k is "the people"

user admits he is a piece of shit worthy of death.

>Abstinence doesn't mean exist. Contraception doesn't exist. Early termination doesn't exist. Adoption doesn't exist. Sterilization doesn't exist.
>"Noooo, I must have right to chop up 6months old unborn child, otherwise it's literally Armhoes Story!"
Sure roastie have another abortion! I've heard you get free coffee for each tenth. and free Snickers for every twentieth.

>males have full autonomy
tell that to all the foreskinles men.

said the babykiller, jej

fails to disprove anything or actually give me examples where males don't have full medical autonomy over their own body. nice cope and deflection

blame your dad. how is that women's fault? LOL

I prefer sterilisation. In my ideal world, the defective people (low IQ, poor health, prone to criminality) would be sterilised as part of their routine health checkups.

Imagine thinking about this for more than a second. It is really funny that you have fixated on this one injustice out of all the fucking millions of huge injustices in the world to fixate and get all weepy about. Hmmm curious.

Not that user but you are simply an idiot if you think that the people in power just sit around brainstorming on ways to troll women and make their lives harder.

The whole abortion debate is about the babies, not the women. If men could get pregnant I'd still be pro life, because I don't believe that other human beings should be killed just because it's more convenient. Pretty simple. It has literally nothing to do with the fact that you are a woman.

>quickly move the goalpost further

>blame your dad. how is that women's fault?
My parents and me aren't from the continent of genital mutilation luckily, but there plenty of women in merica ok with chopping up their babies without their consent.

killing children is fine. Cops and military do it all the time

>fetus is not a child
Keep repeating this matra, whore.
Maybe one day you'll trully start believing it.

It took me longer than I'd like to admit to understand what was being said in that pic, why didn't she start a new line or at least put a comma after single?
Fucking niggers, how hard is it to type one more character, seriously.

Actions deserve consequences dumb hole. If you break into a house then you shouldn't cry when the owner shoots you or the police throw you in jail. If you go through the motions of procreation and don't protect yourself (pill, condom, a gun if rapist, etc.) then you deserve to suffer the consequences of your actions.
And then you wonder why men cheer when you get raped and killed. You deserve it for being wastes of life. You actually deserve to suffer because you are evil.
Shut the fuck up, we don't care. Go back to lolcow dumb hole.

>people responding to baitposts
very disappointed in you guys

personally i feel like it's more disgusting to force consciousness onto a child no one is actually able to take care of. sure adoption is a thing, but that's just finding a solution to a problem that didn't have to exist in the first place. and you don't abort a child, you make sure the child never exists in the first place. you act like our idea of a potential child will feel robbed for not being born

Kek I'm not even a woman, just a rationalist.

You are using google hat turn of phrase incorrectly and it is funny how stupid anti-choice people are. How easily they are manipulated by hose in power l. How absolutely they are the npcs they are so scared of.

Children > ten weeks of cells no one wants.

it's not a living baby that is fully grown. last time I checked there were limits on abortion and not like women were getting abortions at 8 months. it's a fetus and not even close to a fully developed baby.

if you've ever taken a ethics class in college you'd you know children don't have full medical autonomy. i am speaking about adults. anyways, do I agree with you talked about? yes.

>muh little itty bitty beebeeeez
Keep repeating your mantra

>Y-yoU cAN't goVe Me an EXampLe
Foreskin, draft, vaccination (not uniquely male but still)
Nothing complicated if you bothered to activate you whore brain for 3sec

You feeling the stroke coming?

>YET AGAIN fails to give me an example of an ADULT male's MEDICAL autonomy being taken away. that maybe, idk, impacts the male severely? oh wait, there are none
you can't really be this retarded.