Be me

>Be me
>Never had a GF
>Make accounts the big 3 dating apps
>Swipe/like on basically everyone
>Actually got the occasional match
>Most of them just wasted my time and had no interest in ever meeting up
>Went out with one girl
>She was really sweet but has some health issues and is not physically capable of doing most types of exercise
>Honestly was borderline obese, dont think I could have had sex with her
>Im in shape, im just short and my face is meh
>I love walking/biking vs driving, and going to the gym. I do some sort of physical activity every day and take good care of myself
>Its frustrating and it just seems like my healthy lifestyle is not compatible with the only women who are willing to date me (obese)

Does this make me shallow if I dont want to date obese women? I get that im short (5'8) and the vast majority of women wont be interested. But I honestly would just rather be alone at this point.

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Nah, don't you ever lower yourself forgetting all your standards

At least you tried. Im too scared to upload a photo of myself to a dating app.

You're supposed to actually message them, not just swipe

>message girl
>they don't respond or unmatch me
now what

You thought it was all a meme? This is your value in dating user, sorry.

i crashed and burned on all the apps except okcupid. they have a personality test, encourage you to have a massive essay for your profile, and you can even send an actual little message w your swipe that they will see even before matching. the point is everyone can actually tell what someones like as a person instead of just pics. i got exactly 4 matches in as many months, but each one got me wet dick and fun times and more importantly made a bunch of irl friends out of it. I do live in a huge city tho that might vary your mileage. The place is full of shameless trannies, libtards, polyamorous hoes and chicks with so many tattoos they look like a bathroom wall, anime fans and high functioning autists but if you cant see past that you deserve no pussy

addendum: my main pic was me pointing a toy gun to my puppy's head and captioned 'if you swipe left, i'll shoot this dog'. That fetched the ones i wanted to fetch

I do. On tinder/bumble you cant message until you match (and on bumble they have to first). On hinge you can message them, and I always did but they would always flake out when it came to meeting up.

Whoa. What are those girls like? Total psychos?

Stop taking bathroom mirror selfies. Keep dates casual and nonthreatening. Learn how to flirt, be very subtle.

>Does this make me shallow if I dont want to date obese women? I get that im short (5'8) and the vast majority of women wont be interested. But I honestly would just rather be alone at this point.

No, you're not shallow. I'm the same as you - same height, average face (as rated by /soc/ on several occasions), love going to the gym and have a very decent body. Had the same experience with OLD - most of my matches were either fat, very ugly or mentally disabled.

I think guys like us would fare much better irl, based on my limited experience with meeting women organically. However, I don't have a social circle anymore, so I can't say for certain.

I try to but they often get offended if I suggest coffee or something light. Like with this one who Im supposed to meet tomorrow, I suggested lunch but she seems to want a nicer dinner. Obviously just a meal ticket but she'll probably flake anyway.

Please ask for advice or complain about your shitty life on the dedicated board, thanks.


The #1 mistake I've seen incels make from chats posted here is over-eagerness. Incels are these bitter, depressed guys, but when they finally get a girl on the line they start texting like faggy bottoms and seem way too excited. On dating apps, cultivate an air of indifference and abundance of choice. Don't ever let the girl feel like you're counting on her meeting up with you. Encourage the perception that you have many options and she might make it through

RED FLAG You're a literal stranger, people who are attracted to you are going to be turned off by some big production.
Another tip I forgot is don't swipe right on everyone, that puts you lower in the algorithm.
100%, don't ask them on a date, ask them to come with you somewhere. "I'm going to X, want to come with?" Exploit their FOMO.

How is that a red flag specifically? Typically girls arent going to want dinner? So it sounds like I should find events like concerts or bar crawls instead?

I have 2 dates lined up this weekend (assuming they dont flake). What do I do, just show up and hope they do too? It sounds like I shouldn't send the "check in" text beforehand.

Just take a few steps back and consider who you are. You're a stranger to them, there's no emotional connection yet. Dinner is something you get with your girlfriend, not with a girl you just met online. If they have any intention beyond using you they're going to feel indebted to you, and that's nasty.

Maybe a movie, or coffee or something like that. If they're turned off by that it wasn't going to work out with them anyways.

I don't understand, what has happened to dating where you can't simply ask a girl out?

Yeah, because we don't have enough sad sack threads. Dude, like half the board at any given time is that one pepe. Life sucks, we know, let's try and have some fun for once.

Have you tried meeting girls at work op? That's where I met my gf

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That all makes sense but what im trying to say is this dinner date is HER idea not mine.