"men's right's activist" is literally used as an insult

>"men's right's activist" is literally used as an insult

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who cares man get yourself a real problem

Blame A Voice For Men. If We Hunted the Mammoth hadn't screen shotted every dumb fucking thing you losers saiid on that sight, you wouldn't be a laughingstock today. I think Paul Elam literally said that yelling at feminists online was more important than helping men in need. Not a good like for someone interested in "men's rights."

>start a movement
>name it something innocent, like, idk, "coalition for rescuing disabled kittens" or something
>do a bunch of evil shit that has almost nothing to do with the name
>saving kittens is basically just one thing one member did once, like 15 years ago
>and he doesn't really even like being associated with the coalition for rescuing disabled kittens because all those guys ever seem to do is go around raping women and burning down orphanages
>people start saying, "wow, ok FUCK the coalition for rescuing disabled kittens"
>how could this have happened?
>do people really hate disabled kittens that much?
>what has this world come to?
many such cases

>do a bunch of evil shit that has almost nothing to do with the name
such as?

such as raping women and burning down orphanages, weren't you listening?

Not really, can you bring me up to speed? Who burned down orphanages and which MRA raped women?

Well men can only confront men for equality in a society created by men.

Why cant men confront men?

but user? I wasn't talking about MRAs. I was talking about the coalition for rescuing disabled kittens. THOSE guys are the worst >:(

lol, that's exactly how women act
>kill all men
>I wasn't talking about you user
>why are you so obsessed with me?
>omg you want to date me!
>gross, go away!

Feminists say plenty of dumb shit, yet they remain in good standing even though the public has soured on them. Why? Because the media and govs are jews. They only care about undermining things.


So all you need to do is spend years documenting actual feminist thinkers, not random twitter accounts, saying things that are as patently ridiculous as the things A Voice for Men said. You can't do this, though, because you wouldn't know where to find a real feminist thinker, let alone catching saying something abhorrent. Remember, all it took was screenshots to send the MRM down if flames. If feminists are as crazy as you say they are you should be able to come up with plenty of evidence.

For the curious:
Andrea Dworkin
Valerie Solanas
NYTimes even tried to rehabilitate the latter. Feminists threw the former under the bus, scapegoating her as if the insanity was limited to her and not countless other '70s feminists. Also note the linguistic slight of hand used to excuse woke nonsense: when women do it, it's "speech" but when men do it, it's "conduct". And to the poster: get better insults.

If you're still dealing with 70s feminism you should stop posting because Any Forums hasn't been invented yet. Start with modern mainstream feminist academics. Remember, they're all loonies so getting fresh evidence should be easy.

Did it strain you to move those goalposts, bitch? Feminism has been discredited. Even young girls don't want to identify with it. You're losing and dependent upon perverts who want to put men in your bathrooms.

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Those are lesbians, not feminists. Can you tell them apart or are you retarded?

Are there still parts of the world where low IQ dipshits still cry about feminism vs sigma maloids or mra or whatever?

We are in current year, poorfag. You should be a leftist or a conservative, those are the only teams that matter (for you). go buy a t-shirt and post on twitter for me.

Shut up, pondposter.

You're adorable.

>You have been muted for 2 seconds

No, I just don't subscribe to the Grand Unified Any Forums Theory of How Everyone We Don't Like Are Jews.

That's so cute.

>You have been muted for 2 seconds

You know, the most cynical theory is not always the correct one. You need some kind of evidence to prove even the most cynical claim, to be cynical myself. But I'm sure someday there will be a mass awakening to the fact that Jews are secretly Neanderthal vampires and that we Aryan werewolves have been denied Bella Swan...I mean a white ethnostate for too long.