Cigarettes are like $18 for the cheapest pack in canada. why are they so expensive here?

cigarettes are like $18 for the cheapest pack in canada. why are they so expensive here?

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You can't have cheap healthcare and also a cheap way to squander your health at the same time.

I think like 80% of that is taxes

all it does is stop the poor people from smoking

I assure you it does no such thing

Smoking is tied to low iq, and low iq is tied to bad financial decisions. Anyway, if they want to give themselves lung cancer they can do that but I don't want to pay they hospital bills. So I rejoice at every price increase on smoking goods.

Try $40 (35 CAD)

they want to stop poor people from existing.

here in jersey newports price is about 12$

where i live its 8,70 euro and we pay shitton of taxes for healthcare so its balanced

Smoking after meals is my only pleasure.

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will hunting smoked, and he was a brilliant genius

Cunt a pack of Malboro reds in Australia is $52 so you can all shut up about prices.

kek government mogged by Canada, that doesn't happen often

Ive been waiting so long for one of you to compare yourself to Will Hunting haha

Don't care. Canada is a shithole

oh, i would never compare myself to Will. he was really something special.

Australia. You can get it a little cheaper, but if you want something that doesn't taste shit you need to pay over $40 (and they keep increasing it too).

smoke stogies instead

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60 bucks.
think you're better off importing cigars in bulk at that point

exactly. stogiemaxx or you're a retard

one of the few advantages of living in a shithole is the fact that a pack of reds costs 4 usd here

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>he didnt switch to vaping
lol enjoy ur lung cancer xD

they really can't be that expensive? I know you have one of the highest tobacco taxes but thats just what the fuck tier.