How do I take more aesthetically pictures?

How do I take more aesthetically pictures?

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Most of my other pics are heavily edited so i think it cant be considered aesthetic. Please gimme tips :D

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kiis this vamp?

Hmmm what whoo ?! Haha whos vamp :3

Aw mommy can we keep her, pleasee? I'll take her for walks and everything, promise!

Walks!! I love walking in the nature, its so relaxing :D everything nature related is pleasing

What's with the sudden influx of really hot girls posting here?

Who wants to go for walkieeees xD

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Weird, cuz most of the people on here call me ugly

Dont fall for the jailbait..

Umm that would be becasue of

How do you take more aesthetic pictures? you look like a painting how do you need that question answered lmao

You're having too much fun on this board I hate it

>Weird, cuz most of the people on here call me ugly
If that's actually you, then you're not even close to being ugly.
You're hot as fuck.

Like i meant how can i take more aesthetic pictures like picrel

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Is this not fun anymore, have I failed to entertain you

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Yeah thats actually me, but i change all the time cuz i use filters. First pic I posted has no filter that changes my face. I taked it with camera and just edited the lighting and stuff

You are genuinely terrifying sometimes, Ive never met a boy whos mood changes faster than mine

get a film camera, take photos of self in random lighting in random places, iunno go for walks around find some cool urban setting with some nice graffiti, slightly expose some of the film to light for cool analogue effects, stonks

Oo yeah this sounds like a nice idea. Ill definetly do this. Ill save money for film camera. Thank you fren for the tips:) i really appreciate them

Anyways good bye my frens. Ill be back later and look at the tips if this thread is still up. I have to head home rn

my pleasure shorty 8)

You should see him at 5am before he goes to the gym