Follows sam hyde and jordan peterson

>follows sam hyde and jordan peterson

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and don't forget jordan tat

>2 people who you can't even dream of comparing to in terms of actuallg benefiting people's lives, most likely

Yeah I never understood the Jordan Peterson thing, theres just some people that untouchable even by 4chans standards

name all the things he did to benefit your lives because your peabrain wouldnt know otherwise

Jordan Peterson? you mean the guy who had a melty because twitter sent him an email to stop being a bigot? lmao

Those meme videos are funny as fuck

clean your room, sonny boy!

i like Sam's heavily edited Youtube videos, but i'm not subbed to anything, i don't sub to those clip channels, i think people who do might be retarded.
the last time i even saw anything on Sam was his terrible boxing and i was like this is fucking shit and clicked off, didn't even see the end.

Jordan Peterson is a dope fiend if i ever saw one.

He's against jews butchering your children. He only drinks water, not sparkling not lemon no. Stricly water and meat diet. The mans in another fucking dimension and just wants us to shine hes not a charles manson. Wait a second, why am I arguing with some nigger on r9k? Biggest time waster known to date, you'll have a greater fucking outcome arguing with a loliposter

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Jordan "damn, this lioness is sexy" Peterson?

Just try and fuck this lioness, incel. We'll see who cancels who!

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>why am I arguing with some nigger on r9k
because r9k is niggers

>He only drinks water
This is what passes as "impressive" to you losers ahahahahahaha.

He just tells young dudes to believe in themselves. You're angry at him for wishing you wouldn't give up. I do not get it.

massive cope right here

I hope that you die british scum

British scum is once again trying to spread brony propaganda, confirmed by his other stealth MLP threads also on the catalog with similar filenames as well as other brony content hidden in them as well, some of which are hidden gifs such as this one.

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peterson is not anti-circumcision, he is subtly pro-circumcision.

I wish for your

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Death each day that

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Passes for your end

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To come for your

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Life to be cut

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Short like a knife

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To the neck you

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Have clearly lived too

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Long certainly longer than

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Other hopefuls you are

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Wasting their oxygen hogging

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Blood they could use

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They could be using

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Your organs potentially to

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Make the earth a

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Better place instead of

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Misusing them for your

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Own selfish desires which

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You apparently think is

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More important which really

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How did the jew Hyde benefit your life in any meaningful way?
Other than making you laugh occasionally which does not count.
You have to be pretty fucking fatherless and pathetic for Sam fucking Hyde to be someone you look up to in any way.

Demonstrates your own priorities

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And you think they

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Will somehow make the

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World a better place

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