This is my new cat, found him today on my doorstep, I named him 70230974

This is my new cat, found him today on my doorstep, I named him 70230974.
What do you think about cats? Do they help incels?

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Cats give you the predator gene

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cats are nice and also annoying, but yes its good to have some living thing by your side

I LOVE and care about cats dozens of times more than humans. As a matter of fact I care about all animals more than humans. I want to remove all shitheads hurting animals from the planet, and also humans who call me a racist for it. They all belong to the same pot to be cooked for animals.

Also you found this cat a few weeks ago already.

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theres like 4 or 5 cats that chill in my backyard at any given time

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swagger thread bro I aint gon lie

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>found him today
>check desuarchive
>image md5 goes all the way back to June
No you didn't.

And just so people here know, this is just one of a few other stealth MLP threads on the catalog so it's not just a fluke.

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mt ac tm etc

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Unironically speaking you deserve

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To fucking die to

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Be dying in pain

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You'll have plagues sent

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Upon you becoming the

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Victim of a horrible

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Pestilence an infestation that

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Leaves you lifeless the

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This took a schizo turn pretty quick

Gushing fluids will leak

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Awesome cat but why did you name him with the numbers? Is the cat jewish or is that your grandpas number?