Is there any hobby that hasn't been totally overtaken by normies or polluted by women?

is there any hobby that hasn't been totally overtaken by normies or polluted by women?

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Why do you conflate a hobby with some kind of social experience.
You can still enjoy them alone.

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women don't do shit user. They barely participate in any real hobby.

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go to men's toilet and suck guys off

I mean about the supply and exchange of goods part that comes with the hobby.
Most of the stuff I used to enjoy is filled with some sort of woman crap despite no women partaking in it.


Linux. Even the simplest distros are too intimidating for normalfags, and the women there are either old, irredeemably mentally ill, or trannies.

>and the women there are either old
they still women
>irredeemably mentally ill
that's the norm for women
>or trannies.
never will be women

Serial murder

I believe abortion is murder so women already dominate that area

>Join Photography club at uni
>All women except me and morbidly obese guy that uses a cane
feel ya brah

how do you gatekeep cunts when there is always a faggot bringing his foid """"Friend""""

try /x/

women are all over the paranormal shit lately too

My mom has used my pc wth ubuntu many times without issues. Stop deluding yourself

/x/ is filled with women which is a good thing

No you can't, thats a silly ridiculous thing to say. I use to have a very long screen cap explaining how wrong this line of thought was but I already know I will never find it.

Suffice it to say, we live in a society. If the majority of Any Forums posters are normies it effects the image board. If model trains were a fad it would ruin the community, discussion and actual sale of model trains as companies start marketing towards normalfags.

Just look at anime. Normalfags starting watching anime and now every anime is attempting to pander to them with the worst isekai shounen shit on endless repeat. We will never again get unique shows again. Just shitty fucking spy x family shit.

>good thing
kill yourself foid enabler

Yes, it's called any hobby you do on your own other than shitposting on Any Forums. It amazes me that you guys want the social benefits of a hobby (community, etc.) and the all reeeee out when people who are actually good at those things show up.

they've even started to infect the real bastions of autistic freak hobbies like warhammer, model kits etc

maybe if you showered they would fuck you

I dont want them to fuck me I want them to fuck off my hobbies, I'm always bathed and smelling great because I like to be for my own pleasure, I literally do not care about women and actively despise them