30+ year olds...

30+ year olds, how do you cope with the fact you missed your prime and will statistically probably never get girls that aren't busted if you even d

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you change as well. you stop caring. you wait for death.

Shut the fuck up foid men prime in their 30s-40s where as you prime at 16 and hit the wall at 25(with good genetics). You will never be a man and you will never know rhe splendor of seeing your hardwork manifest itself physically. Fuck you. A thousand times fuck you.

Patrice O'neal was right about everything, but so was Tom Leykis.
women want our guidance or they want our money, that's about it. the sex shit is meaningless and why cuckolds exist. people have been tricked into thinking sex = possession, it's the opposite. Ghengis was fucking women he intended NOT TO possess lmao.

le truth hurts but it'll set you free

I literally do not care at this point I've been through so much shit, less to worry about basically.

I find older women attractive so idc

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Not an argument retard. Enchiridion of perpetual torment.

I find it hilarious that you're so fucking desperate to get a response, you couldn't even contain yourself enough to finish typing the post out. Seek mental help, for real.

The best sex I've had is with women who were busted.
Currently have a trad GF though who cooks me dinner and lets me fuck her nightly.

I have a lot of regrets, that's just one of them

31 year old here. Dating a 25 year old so this doesn't even really apply.

Trust me, young 20s user, because I was once in your position, you will soon find there are far more serious things to be insecure and self-loathing about than your shortcomings with the fairer sex. Your obsession with them is likely a distraction from bigger problems you have in your life.

But honestly, those problems don't really matter either. After a certain point, you really do just stop caring. You realize you're not going to change, reality won't conform to your idealized standards, so you may as well try to enjoy life to its fullest while waiting for death.

I've only ever fucked my wife and my wife has only ever fucked me, so I can't relate. I will say though that the older I get, the more attractive older women get for me. When I was a teenager, even 30 year old women looked gross to me. Now they're hot.

Get girls? Lol I'm trying to have enough money to not become homeless. Girls? What the fuck do you think 30 year olds do?

What the fuck would I do with a girl?
>Oh hi, want to talk for the one hour I get between jobs? No? Cool. Goodbye forever.

>how do you cope
Hot choccy and a wank

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i always enjoy such threads, because i think most robots deserve it for beating meat eating animal abusing non-vegan hypocrites

>you stop caring
>bro you just dont even care anymore haha XD

>men prime in their 30s-40s
HOLY SHIT the amount of delusion. dear lord you are chain huffing premium copium

the chad that bullies you fucks teenage girls as a teenager, experiences teenage love, while you are alone and jerk your dick to porn

>Tom Leykis
any man who quotes leykis is based

>Dating a 25 year old so this doesn't even really apply
lol cope. 25 year olds ARE busted. you missed out on ptp and teenage love

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There's no such thing as a vegan. Cruelty and suffering exist in abundance at every level of every supply chain. Industrial horticulture is no better than industrial agriculture, environmentally, morally.

Best one can do is try to provide for themself. Supermarket dependant vegans really have no moral high horse to sit on over people who hunt, have chickens for eggs, beekeepers ect.

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>There's no such thing as a vegan
lol. the amount of cope in your post is pathetic. like, imagine deluding yourself into thinking people who eat nothing but vegetables inflicing the same amount of animal suffering as people who eat nothing but meat

hypocritical retard delusional coper. you deserve to have missed out on teenage love, you deserve busted roastie hags, and you deserve your suffering


>Supermarket dependant vegans really have no moral high horse to sit on over people who hunt, have chickens for eggs, beekeepers ect.
and the award for most delusional coping retard goes you.... (You) !!!!

tom leykis is a faggot along with you and patrice o'neal couldnt put a cheeseburger down to save his own life

>OP literally asks how to cope
>you think you are being clever calling things a cope as a pejorative
You are not half as clever as you think you are.

Women are seriously busted, psychologically that is. They are lessers and they know it, which is why they despise weak men so much. They despise themselves for being weak and want someone to put them out of their misery.

>you think you are being clever calling things a cope as a pejorative
>You are not half as clever as you think you are

thats okay, you dont have to think im clever. and i dont think im clever either. the question is if im right, not if im clever, lol