None of these exist, and God forbid you take medication for problems caused by a shallow, meaningless life.


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So doctors just gave me pills that can make me effortlessly concentrate, fast and stay awake for no good reason, seems kinda based

Post body and 1rm

"mental illness" is for women and teenagers

Literally yes

>b-but when you put le brain machine on the brain some colors light up on a screen so that means they're real!

I don’t get anxiety meds, depression meds maybe if you’re suicidal (still kinda bitch of you but fine) but I had pretty severe anxiety for a while and most of that shit just dissappears on its own once you learn to accept it

>someone posting troll threads on Any Forums telling others they have a meaningless life

Oh user.

The problem is that they put developing children on those pills which makes them incapable of functioning without them in adulthood.

The only real one there is anxiety and that is cured with alcohol.


1000lb club

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true but people arent ready to hear it

Now you

There's a connection between gut health and mental health. Try fixing that before you hope on addictive pills.

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ADHD is definitely real, I almost married a girl with it.


I have ALL of them and I take medication for NONE of them. Just suffer.

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I used to think the same. Just pray it doesn't happen to u cuz if u had to deal with what I have you would probably off yourself

Mmmm, yogurt-covered HPV warts, my favourite

I hate people who say they have ADHD so much
>It stresses me out when I have to do things that don't give me a constant stream of dopamine so I just don't do them
>No I'm not lazy I'm actually really special and I neeeeed my medicine to function
Sorry your parents fell for big pharma's lie and got you addicted to amphetamines as a kid but you're ngmi if you don't own up to being a lazy sack of shit

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Durrr how are people sad? I’m not sad and sure I’ve never had to struggle because I’m tall but durrr

This user is right

They don't try to address the causes of these issues. They just treat the symptoms with pills because that's how they earn their bonus

Do you also think the world is flat? Dont tell me fell for big globes lies, user...

Buff bill burr

Imagine being hooked on jew pills when the supply chain stops lmao dumb fuckin Zoomers

ritalin/adderall is essentially a microdose which basically increases dopamine reuptake to levels of that which neurotypicals normally have

you know something is wrong with your brain when you take UPLIFTING STIMULANTS and they CALM YOU DOWN.

Imagine what these faggots would do for the first 20,000 years of human history. Yeah this shit is totally real, not just some financial scheme made available the last 50 years due to widespread capitalism