Let's settle this once and for all. Give me your best definition of ego lifting that isn't just "lifting more than me"

Let's settle this once and for all. Give me your best definition of ego lifting that isn't just "lifting more than me"

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Doing olympic lifts without any need outside of posting on social media. If you were actually good at it, you would be on a team or competing. Anything else is just snap city waiting to happen.

People should mind their business as long as the "ego-lifter" isn't actively damaging gym equipment.

I don't know what this means nor do I care. I am also borderline retarded. But I'm wise. A wise man knows what he doesn't know. Anyway I hope you all lift more than you did last week, last month, whatever and continuously improve and have lots of sex since sex is good for yer mentals

>competitive olympic lifters just do elite level lifts on their first try.

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I agree with this. I was talking more about regular strength training though. People always say someone's ego lifting when they're doing 40 lb flies or big dumbell sets.

>People always say
Dyels always say, you mean

All lifting is ego lifting but not all ego lifting is stupid

For basic bitches, it's hip thrusts.

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snatches and cleans are magnificent lifts
ego lifting is doing 90% and up without being on a program
snatching light weight while being strict in your form is the opposite of ego lifting because you’ll look like a silly pussy with the weight needed to make a snatch look smooth and perfect


so I should just embrace the ego lifting label?

lifting too heavy for you and having poor form, that being said you could have poor form with little weight too

Yes, just don't be an idiot.

Ego lifting is pretending you are progressing when you actually have to keep working on basics before trying to increase the weights. It has nothing to do with failing a set. Dyels will say otherwise because they don't understand failure is part of the workout

If someone can do 40 pound flies with good form then their pecs are strong as fuck. They're not egolifting
When you compromise your form completely, usually applied to range of motion or using momentum, to lift a weight that you wouldn't normally be able to handle. Like the guy who's doing cheat curls and just let's the weight fall back down without controlling it or the guy doing 1/3 rep squats and pretends they're full reps

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I can bench 180 maybe 4 times while touching down on my chest. I could probably "bench" 200+ at a 3/4th rep and using hip thrust to get the bar moving back up. It's egolifting to say my 1rm is 200 and actively cheat-rep that number in the gym.
The main problem is, you can keep "progressing" that cheat rep to higher and higher numbers, but the chance of injury also becomes much higher over time. If I ever say, fucked up and went too deep (aka normal ROM) I'd fucking behead myself.

The actual definition of ego lifting is attempting to lift more weight than you're actually capable of lifting and sacrificing form in the process.

For example:
>Having to hitch the weight up on a deadlift.
>Unable to squat with full ROM because of how heavy the weight is.
>Having to use momentum to get the weight up on something like a lateral raise or bicep curl.

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If I get a creeping feeling of unease seeing them struggle through a movement then it's ego lifting

Grinding reps is not ego lifting

>attempting to lift more weight than you're actually capable of lifting
Wrong. Its alright to fail a set especially when you are trying to progress. What you meant to say is looking like you dont know how to actually lift and keep on adding weights

Sure, but seeing somebody grinding the last rep or failing safely doesn't put me in a state of alarm

Ego lifting is when you purposefully load up on weight you know you can't manage with good posture but can quarter or half rep, just so you can impress either the people who are either completely new at the gym or inexperienced.

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