Start doing simple strength

>start doing simple strength
>ass and legs growing too fast compared to other muscles
is this normal?

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Any powerlifting focused routine will grow your legs and ass like crazy and your upper body will lag behind. Do a bodybuilding program if you don't want to go T-Rex mode

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never squat, just deadlift and do some sort of cardio that is enough for legs

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yes, do more upper body accesories, not only compounds

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>do SS
>get thick legs and ass
>literally no shoulders, chest or arms
Why do people recommend this shit?

It's literally the opposite. Deadlift doesn't grow shit. It's good for strengthening your posterior chain and that's it but squatting is the best way to grow your lower body. Honestly doing 3 heavy sets and 4 or 5 sets of 10-12 volume squats once a week is all you need for your legs to be big enough. Fuck leg accessories. Your legs are like 3 huge muscles that all get good growth from squats you don't need to isolate them.

And all the routines shilled to beginners are really lower body / squat specific routines and are retarded. There's no reason for beginners to be squatting 3 times a week when they just want to look good. Bench, ohp, and pull/chin ups don't grow your arms worth shit they grow your chest, front delts, and lats, and that's all these programs focus on with arm isolations discouraged, and unlike lower body you need these upper body isolations to make your upper body big.

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This is observational broscience but I think legs respond just fine to lower volume and chest and shoulders need super high volume.

That’s why you don’t need a leg day. Just a couple of sets per day.

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You can try swapping the squats with pullups on deadlift day.
Or, try out this routine.

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Can 100% agree on the no-arms thing but I remember hitting 135x3x5 OHP and 205x3x5 bench within 3 months of starting lifting. Why was my experience such an anomaly?

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