19, engineering student

>19, engineering student
>had a rich uncle who bought him a gym
>surrounded by college girls
>still decided to fuck a 13 year old and ended up getting caught by Chris Hansen
I guess lifting couldn't have saved him. What do you guys think?

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>she was 13 you sick fuck!!
I am mentally 12

Pedophelia is bad becase it interfers with the social contract and healthy pair bonding ect....
But that being said, I am so sick of feminine men collectively shit testing each other about cunny.
We all want it and it's honestly really pathetic to pretend otherwise.
We need to just be open and honest and talk about why it's not long term meta stable for society to plow cunny all day instead of this collective charade game where we all pretend to have this fake purity.

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>we all want it

If you are a healthy male, you are attracted to peak fertility.

Peak fertility is 22. Keep coping pedo.

it literally objectively is not lmao.
22 would have been almost a grandmother pre agricultural revolution.

It is. Look it up.

>hit up google
>"egg quality decreases as the number of remaining eggs dwindle in number"


Good try, public school teacher. You will never be anything more than a hylic lizard. Cry about it, degenerate no soul faggot.

The only thing that would save anyone would have been a plastic bag over his head.

i'm actually just hot and get a lot of jailbait attention so I have had to actually think this through.
Sucks to suck.

Yeah after 30 which is a totally reasonable age to start ignoring women. Not at 18. Have I mentioned you should kill yourself?

>no mention of magical happening at 30 years old in any scientific literature


>I'm actually just hot
Citation needed.

>we all want it
The kind of shit pedos in denial will say to justify themselves lmao

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Do you blame him? He was getting in shape and going after girls in their absolute prime
A girl should have babies as soon as her body can manage it.

>black letter laws written a few decades ago by regular assholes actually really do directly dictate my sexual preferences

you're fooling nobody

At 12 she can manage it but will die

You should be thankful for laws, they are the only thing keeping you alive. You can cope all day but you will never change a single mind. Prisoners are wrong about a lot but they are right about you. Enjoy your future in protective custody faggot.

>feminist shaming tactics

>Who is Sneed?
>Yes but the archive says you rolled for "boogie" to die by next week over 50 times in a row.. what am I supposed to think about that?
>and then you posted a lewd pic of an obese man in a red shirt's naked... rear.. over a dozen times? And you don't see a problem here user?
>and why are you so worried if coffee is good for you?

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Sounds like a good trade off for that sweet sweet c*nny.

>what is this "goyslop"? Some sort of new age sex drug?