What's your resting heartrate Any Forums?

what's your resting heartrate Any Forums?

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78 right now. I also tend to have a higher blood pressure.

Usually like 58-62 range but it depends on the day

64, I was told it is very high by a couple of ppl that have it in the 40's, idk how it is possible since I am lean and have a low blood pressure.


64 is not high. 60 and below is bradycardia, which is usually associated with athletes.

Usually in the 70s

64, i used to be in the 40s when i did a lot of cardio and took my meds for hyperthyroidism

45-50 is true rhr but it's only that low first thing in the morning before i start popping pills nicotine caffeine all day it's usually closer to 60 when I'm on stimulants

whats a good heart rate anyway? or at least whats not a bad heart rate?

This was just now, but I'm lying in bed. Used to be as low as 50 when I ran and kickboxed regularly.

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56, I've been a low as the high 40s when I wrestled and as high as the mid 60s when I smoked and drank

85 rn

81 bpm rn, I'm usually in the 70s tho

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Sipping my morning coffee. Currently at 76

It is about 55bpm but only after I relax on bed for a few minutes, it easily goes up otherwise, I get 90-100 just from standing up

52 rn. Do your cardio, anons. It's Made a world of difference on this cut and in my day-to-day

I am also shitting. Wonder if that had any impact.

Woo, 55

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