I'm vegetarian and I eat copious amounts of eggs, cheese, yogurt, butter, and honey

I'm vegetarian and I eat copious amounts of eggs, cheese, yogurt, butter, and honey.

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why are you based?

Based. I thought about going vegetarian a couple of times. I eat next to no meat anyway.
I could live abstaining from meat except for when there's high quality least on special occasions. I also think that is the most natural and healthy diet for a male.

Eggs are pure kino. Salmon is the only meat preventing me from going fully veg desu

i believe that vegetarians are misled but they're on the right path, if only they have a stronger moral sense

are you a vegan or a meat eater?
do NOT eat farm raised norwegian salmon AT ANY COST. please. you don't want to know

I need to know.


Only eat wild caught salmon, please. Watch with an open mind, Norway's fisheries are corrupt to the core.
Why should I go vegan over vegetarian? I love organic yogurt too much

>if only they have a stronger moral sense
Oh look the village idiot arrived

You shouldn't. Vegetarianism is far superior to veganism for the majority of people health-wise. Your health and the health of your family should be above anything else when it comes to diet

I agree. I've tried veganism and I felt like shit. Eggs, yogurt, butter, and cheese are too goated to drop. Not to mention milk itself.

I do this, but then every once in a while I eat chicken because I’m eating the eggs from the same industry anyway, and chickens are as dumb as fish. I really only feel bad about any animal that would probably be able to produce some semi-coherent babble if it had human vocal chords, so things like cows and pigs and octopi.

this docu single handely lowered price of Norwegian fish where i live


i was vegetarian for 5 years and recently switched to pescetarian because my job has me traveling a lot and i can't ensure a good veggie meal everywhere i go, eggs, cheese and yogurt are the foundations of my whole diet

Based same here. Been pescatarian for about 5 years. Its just so easy, and fish is delicious

>if only they have a stronger moral sense
why is killing millions of rodents moral but killing 1 cow is amoral?
do vegans even realize how many sentient creatures have to die for their shitty crops?

Retarded nogs. Same rodents die harvesting animal feed as produce for humans. Lowering red meat intake correlates universally with higher life expectancy. Cope

wtf I love vegans now

Me too king.

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