Consensus on rowing machines?

consensus on rowing machines?

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Why is Tom Holland grinding wheat on that medieval contraption?

There's like 10 of them at my gym and rarely ever used, I see maybe one being used once a month.

They are incredible for gains and/or cardio and can be a real killer but I think people find them kinda boring for more than 20 minutes

aren't they 10x better cardio than running and you get a good upper body workout too

what's the best cardio option for a homegym with limited space?

I'm leaning towards a concept 2 rower over a treadmill/bike because I can run outside and I have a track bike already.

Yeah but most cardio bunnies usually just want.... cardio, they don't care about building muscle and doesn't care about the arm/back strength this machine gives

Spinning bike
>Doesn't take much room
>You can maintain steady pace and therefore heart rate at all times
>You can watch tv or whatever the fuck it is you do while working out
>You can crank up the resistance all the way to the max and do hypertrophy workout for your legs
>If you fuck up your back, shoulders or whatever, you can still workout with the bike
>can be aesthetic as fuck

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you need god tier sleep to use one

They are based

>people find them kinda boring for more than 20 minutes
I’d argue that they’re about as boring as any other cardio machine. If you’re not running or biking outside, you’re still stuck on a machine doing the same repetitive movement for a long time. Sure you could watch something on a bike or treadmill but if you’re able to focus on watching then you’re probably also distracting yourself from putting in more effort

Second best after swimming so is really good but remember to have solid form and not fuck up your back.

how does a spin bike differ from a assault bike or air bike?

Resistance proportional to effort

tried it for the first time and my traps were burning. is that normal or is my form fucked?

assault bike is better

I once bought one. Thought I would like it, but didn't and sold it after awhile. The one I had had a tank filled with water to supposedly make it more like real rowing, but the resistance only went so high and there was a line you weren't supposed to put water higher than. Presumably something could break if you do that? I wanted to go higher for more resistance. Adjusting the the resistance involves siphoning out water or pouring water in so you never really adjust it because it's annoying to do.
I've since switched to bikes where you adjust resistance with a press of the button and can easily set up a routine where you are progressing.
On the rowing machine I think it had some simple computer to guess at calories burned but other than that there was no real way to measure progression with the thing. But, it was okay though. I wouldn't mind doing some rowing right now come to think of it. Too bad I sold it.

>needing machines to do cardio
peak bugman

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using too much arms


Had a concept D and while it was a good workout, I just found it very boring. Tried bringing it outside to get some fresh air doing it in my backyard and still was just too boring, some how more so than a normal treadmill.
I just sold it and did the sane thing which was to run trails 5 miles a day. Much more engaging and refreshing.

What? Why not just put on some music or TV if it's so boring?

>aren't they 10x better cardio than running and you get a good upper body workout too

No. I actually row varsity for my university so I know what I'm talking about. Rowing is 60 percent legs, 30 back, 10 percent arms. If you're getting a killer upper body workout, you have shit form on the erg. Which is most people, outside of other rowers, I have never seen a regular person use a rowing machine correctly when I'm at the gym

>the first time and my traps were burning. is that normal or is my form fucked?
form is fucked, you are probably opening your back too early, check erg form videos online for tips.

It has no transfer to real life unless you're into rowing for sport. I do incline treadmill walking with a pack as my cardio because I'm into hiking and hunting. If my knees aren't feeling it I'll do some elliptical. I don't understand the point of getting better at rowing on an erg for the sake of getting better at rowing on an erg. You might burn more calories per minute on an erg than me on a treadmill but I'm not trying to optimize for caloric expenditure.