Nofap day 12

>nofap day 12

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I was day 14 yesterday... day 1 rn..

Nofap day 2 here
Playing ME3. Those asari assess looking really thick now

What do you enjoy most about masturbation?

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That's a man

Your math is off. Either yesterday was day 14 and today is day 0 or yesterday was day 0 and today is day 1. You NEVER count the day you relapse as a NoFap day. Don't you know anything?
Also, don't be too discouraged, user. Around day 14 is usually the hardest. The male cycle works that way.

pls be real

That there is no one else involved

you ARE having sex though, right OP?

semen retention is extremely based bros, don't listen to coombrain shills.

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Don't be silly

Wouldn't it be more fun if someone else would lend you a hand or a mouth?

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Back at day 1. Can you guys throws some advice my way?

1. Stop making this thread
2. It gets easier. I don't even crave it now

Once you decide to look at porn, you've relapsed. Set a timer for 15 minutes and that's all you have to cum.
It's the constant searching for more porn and the infinite edging that really fucks your brain.
If you failed, don't use it as an excuse. 15 minutes and that's it.
If you don't do this, deep down you'll know that by failing you have an excuse to jerk off like an animal for a day, so you'll want to fail.
If you know that even if you fail, little to no pleasure awaits you, it will be much easier.

I'm starting it today, might do it one last time before commiting to it tho

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Don't autistically obsess over how many days in you are. It just makes it feel worse. Write down when you start or something and stash it away. Don't be too hard on yourself when you trip up. Oh and of course keep yourself busy but that's kind of a no brainer. Those moments where you just want to beat your meat like a savage usually come from a place of idle bordem. It helps to go out and doing something like taking a little walk or hike at the park.

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>>nofap day 12

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what if I never edge with porn? I just find what I want and jack off. Sometimes it takes me a while to find something, but once I decide to do it, the deed is done in a few minutes.

That sounds so hot user, tell me more

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>day 13

The last 5 seconds where white stuff shoots out and my whole body feels happy.

Monks, christian and a few other sects, have been dealing with this form ascetic deprivation of sexual activity of millenia, so it's useful to learn of their techniques.
The most important of these is the removal of the source of "temptation". No porn, no watching teenage girls dancing on tiktok, no other arousing media. You also shouldn't be oogling women wherever you go. Keep your eyes up there.
Another important aspect is to avoid the thoughts that lead you to be aroused. You may see some beautiful young woman at the gym and your mind might wander to sexual thoughts about her. There are ways to cut these thoughts short so you don't sabotage yourself.
These all help your willpower.