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im so stoked
finally this game is going to be where it's always belonged: on the best console of all time

Let me tell you, it's not easy being a sonychad nowadays...

Yes, thank Allah it reached PC and Steam deck

Soulless hardware for NPC

can only imagine what the load times are gonna be like

This must be the only multiplatform that's not just cloud on switch.

Makoto needs to get groped. GROPEDDDDDD!!!!!!!!! So heckin kawaii and squeezable.

Now tendies can stop pretending to hate it lmao

another run of me romancing Ann

Persona 5 fans finally get to play persona 5

Im excited, I can finally fucking trash the game without being accused of being a tendie, because it truly is one of the most overrated polished turds I have played

As someone who bought it on PS4, who the fuck cares if other platforms get to play the game now?

Haru my beloved

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Goddamn do Ann's tits look huge here

I'll buy when I see how it runs. With the Nocturne Remake and SMT V I don't trust Atlus. If it runs like dogshit I have the PC version but I wanna play this game laying down god damn it.

>I wanna play this game laying down god damn it.
Buy Steam Deck goyim

It... wasn't suppose to be this way Sonybros.

It's on Steam Deck?

Do remote play on a Vita or in your phone user.

Catherine Full Body on Switch runs identical to the PS4 version but yeah wait for gameplay

>i will never play with Haru's hair

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Wow, just imagine the many Persona fans who will FINALLY get to play Persona for the first time

What is a Switch? A miserable little pile of ports.

Reddit leftist platform

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It's only fair we take this, no?

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Switch is a handheld, and it's not even in the top 3

>bought p5
>not even a month later p5r was revealed
This killed my playthrough and enjoyment of the game.