Lambert is cute! CUTE!!

Lambert is cute! CUTE!!

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I would do anything for this lamb.

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you now remember that game happened


>tfw there's a street named Lambert St. in my neighborhood
it's a sign

The cult of the sheep.we need more fanart of the sheep

vtuber lily saying: we not a cult

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(hard difficulty btw)

CoTL? more like FoTM

Is there a good let’s play of the game? I don’t really have the time to play the game but I am curious about it.

live lets play

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Shit game, shit thread.
Furries rape dogs.

You realize that it is a minority of them, right? Surely they are filled with weirdos but they aren’t all that bad. It is sorta like saying “Any Forums likes to masturbate to kids.”

Wish Lambert was in a better game. Oh well. The quality of the game didn't affect the quality of the porn, which is very high. So that's good.

>seething this hard
lmao'ing @ ur life

Furries rape dogs.

How can my cult leader possibly be this cute?

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eat the poo
clean up the poo
feed them the poo

>not all furries
lol, lmao even

So....any sex mods yet?
Gangraping the leader in an orgy yet?

both that one, Zankuro and Diives are the upcoming successors to Shadman's throne