Honest thoughts on Frye?

Honest thoughts on Frye?

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First of all, that is not Frye.

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Off model

Her friend Shiver's a sexual powerhouse.

I like the face she makes when she's mad.

This. Frye's greatest aspect is that she makes Shiver look even better by comparison.

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cute 6 head

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Post Shiver's bare soles.

nigger pedo bait

can’t she’s wearing whatever the fuck those things are on her feet

I kind of love her. and she is really cool in the story mode. She is cute too, adorable even, but I wasn't expecting her to also be cool.

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Mogged by shiver as the attractive idol.
Mogged by big man as the meme idol.

It's no Marina, but then again, who is?


>who is?

I don't know how the fuck did they manage to make her so ugly, it had to be on purpose. First, her skin is that ugly low caste indian brown, looks absolutely unappealing. Second, her purple highlights are way too saturated, it makes them look gangrenous.
Third, ger hair doesn't decide if it's that fried thing (curly) or straight like her sideburns. One or the other would've been okay but both at the same time looks messy, and not the good kind of messy.
Fourth, head.
Fifth, her clothing style looks like one of those smelly new age hippies.

Japan usually makes pretty things. They probably got a bonus for making her that ugly me thinks.

Childhood Genki gf

>We need black characters or else Sheckleberg will send the Mossad after us.

>'ight, make the blackie as ugly as a dead horse.

Now that's what I'm talking about! I don't particularly like this squigga, but kissable 5heads are great.

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