Master Duel

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>He doesn't have a Synchro or Xyz deck for the event
Unironically never going to make it.

Press S to spit on the grave

>D/D spoopy ghost
>D/D/D scientist einstein
>D/D/D high chief stalin
this archetype is fucking cringe
Also walls of texts, their turns take forever, and the anime character using them looks like a lesbian teacher

If everyone was able to had a deck then they wouldn't give out loner decks, retard.

Anyone here playing cakes for the event? What are you filling your Extra Deck with?

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I hope Halq burns in hell.

F my sweet boy, you helped my adamancipator boards for months... I'm gonna miss you

Feeling called out?
Enjoy your suboptimal poorfag Swordsoul loaner.

nigger faggot

>All those changes
It is time to NEGATE once again

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Is it tme to come back to the game?
t. hit plat1 with @ignister back on release and then scooped.

Why is retard crying?

Who the fuck thought that a link monster that can search out any lvl 3 or lower tuner in the game was a fucking good idea?

I'm not sure about the rulings, but shouldn't key negate the effect of skill drain then send it to graveyard? Pic related is where I got negated after his skill drain was negated before.

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I'm pretty sure he's that low iq /dbs/ spic

>let's not ban gryphon and put more limits on other adventure cards instead!
they never learn

'twas MR4 cope

Well shit. That's the last time I try to play meta decks. What evergree rogue list should I pick up bros?

A bunch of rank 4s for corner cases

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Remember the time they made a link 1 that spat out tokens? Good times....

what monster was that


I came

link 1's was over all were a mistake


stay salty


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searching any tuner would be fine, the fact it summons it is what made it busted

he deserved it
filthy criminal

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is that an actual beetrooper card?

Do Crystrons even need this guy?