Is this franchise good? should i go for the newer or oldest ones?

is this franchise good? should i go for the newer or oldest ones?

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My favorite series. It's not high art or anything but excellent comfort food. Look at footage of Oath in Felghana, Seven, and VIII, and start with the one that looks the most fun to you

1 and 2 are old and janky and play on computer with weird ass names unless you play the remake, the worst thing is that they don't have an attack button, Instead you are supposed to bump enemies at an angle and if you get the angle wrong you take damage, the plot is also as basic as it gets (defeat the dark lord!) But the art and music is good, it's interesting from a history perspective I guess?

The only other Ys I played was 6 a long time ago, it was a decent Zelda clone but desu I barely remember a thing about it other than I wanted to fuck the elf girl that helps you through the game

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It's too G rated in terms of story and character relationships. I also don't like how the story follows this one dude for so long without any past decisions catching up with him. It makes the entire series seem inconsequential because most of the people you meet won't ever matter again.


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I think everyone should suffer fighting Dark FUKT in the original games with bumper combat at least once.

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just started, playing the second one right now, the humping system is weird at first but you get used to it.

I've been thinking of playing a few of them. I'm pretty sure look at those on PC via Steam. The latest like 9 and 8 are there but also some remakes or whatnot like origins.

8 and 9 seems fun for a newcomer like me

I tried 8 and it was probably the worst Action RPG I've ever played.

can you elaborate user?

I tried playing them, they have great music but it's incredibly boring

>without any past decisions catching up with him
The latest game in the series is him getting thrown in jail because of his past adventures, and aside from that most games will have at least a few references to the places he's already been and people he's met.

It's okay. It tends to get overrated by the people that know about it but a couple of the games are really good.

>just started, playing the second one right now

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It was always just ok, but at the time it had real time combat and was different than the pile of turn based shit that plagued gaming

I played Noth the 1st and monstrum nox. It's OK, I would've loved it when I was younger

Start with I&II if you care about the lore and don't mind the style of gameplay otherwise play Origin and Oath in Felghana (then Napishtim if you want more). Play on nightmare difficulty pussy.

funny, just started ys origin myself.
following this order:
is this correct?

just play oath in felghana and origin

The early games are good. Nufalcom games are trash

Proof that evolution doesn't always mean better, just better suited for the current environment

this, new ones are all gay generic 3d action rpgs, no fucking distinction from the rest of the similar trash

early games are kickass

You can pinpoint the moment the franchise goes to shit when Adol stops wearing his classic armor

Ys I&II on psp were fun once I got used to face fucking everything. I liked the story but I can’t remember it for shit. A lot of the games I played at that time are total blanks.

yeah its good ys origin is a good start in my opinion gameplay is pretty solid and the games are not too connected for the most part so you can kinda start anywhere you like and last i remember none are really out right bad

i only played 8 and it was great except for the night time parts. the opening song when you hit the beach is amazing and the ending made me really sad in a good way with everyone saying good bye to each other