It's okay when japan does it

>it's okay when japan does it

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i can fix her

the fuck is that clown

kek, tendies will actually defend this

it's not ok i hate her anyways

Of course it's never okay.

>grew up thinking girls like this we're punk and hot
>now Any Forums tells me they're not punks they're trannies

nobody cares, post the cum edits

She's hot so it's okay

whats the problem here
looks like someone you'd bump into at a music fes or rave
even has the blowjob lipstick

She is kind of cute.

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I've seen nothing but people shitting on this character for being a knockoff Nero though

does what?

She looks like she leaves blue lipstick marks all over the balls and shaft of white men's penises

Where are the SFMs
Where the FUCK are the blenders?

defend what? a new character in a franchise?
unless they force me to play with her , who cares?
at least its not dmc shit with noro and the other faggot

I blame Kamiya thinking that punk shit is still cool (and it never was), he doesn't know any better.

she's hot and exotic lip colours are hot too

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>no glasses

I think she's supposed to be cringe given that she's a witch in training whos way over her head. I think thats the point, otherwise she's gonna come off as a Mary Sue. Hopefully she'll have alt costumes but as of now I do prefer her to Loki, but that's a low bar since Loki is the worst part of the franchise.

Remember when punk chicks were all over movies, music videos, etc. and nobody popped a vessel over it? Why are fat kids like this?

no, it's not

Yes, Japan mastered the art of making cute boyish women a long time ago. What of it?

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made for leaving lipstick marks all over my balls and asshole