I thought you guys said Denuvo didn't work

I thought you guys said Denuvo didn't work.

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Theres a lot of Denuvo games that didnt cracked but Any Forums is Coping as usual.
They been coping since 2014.

Denuvo lost

Handball in 2 weeks bro

>can only play games some unhinged tranny says you're allowed to, and only after someone else pays the ransom money for them
>that means denuvo lost
cope harder piratecuck

I figured it wasn't cracked simply because there's little motivation to do so.
People on pc who want to play Origins for free already have easy access to the decomps (which are literally the same ports featured in Origins) and AIR as a widescreen solution for S3K. There's not much reason to bother with Origins at all, really.

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>pointless rom collection with all the "exclusive features" viewable on youtube
user pirates usually just play stuff they don't have to pay for, not actively download shit to steal money like the memes imply.

if a publisher has gone to such lengths and poured so much money into DRM, then the actual game is probably not that good

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Yeah sure Yakuza games is shit


You can pirate every Yakuza game, what's your point?

i know nothing about yakuza so couldnt comment. my point is that a game will only get a finite budget and if so much of that budget is allocated to implementing whatever DRM is required, then it's unavailable to be used on QA for example

You cant pirate Judgement ;)

Lol Denuvo is so dirt cheap even Indie company can afford it

At least sega patches out denuvo eventually. Such a bullshit thing though.

They still not remove Yakuza 7 DRM

Lol no they pay an arm and leg and if you want to keep Denuvo up any longer than a year then you have to pay royalties on top of that

the only denuvo games that get cracked are those that people actually care about enough to pay empress to crack them

>Source : My ass
Old as fuck game like MGS5 still use denuvo. Cope, Pablo

so what, you just download denuvo.exe and install it into your game? time is money

You sure about that?

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>sonic origins
wait. what? isnt this shit already playable without denuvo?

Empress only care about the game he likes, like Assassins creed, Dying light, Basically other Openworld with RPG element trash

>Only games that still have denuvo are from big companies that can afford the royalties for years
Proved my point

Lol the irony.
PS5 should use Denuvo
0,00001% of sales isnt affecting that much. Stop being poor

Man its so easy to trigger Poorniggers

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wtf when did this happen?

Its PS5 game.
Pablo thinks its PC game

>sonic origins
Why the fuck would you care?
The games included in the origins collection can be played already in both PC and Emulators.
Just think about the mega collection or the gems collection.

i buy all my games but people should pirate whatever they want

Literally who cares

Then you the reason why Denuvo exist
you reap what you done ;-)

no one wants to crack or play this garbage

no demand to crack origins since you can download the best version of the roms for free

there has been a lot of denuvo astroturfing recently. Doesnt help that it's also on former console exclusives so esl snoys use it to shitpost and cope

did you reply to the wrong user

I doubt empress cares about SE titles for example.

plus S3&N is on steam too, cheap with no denuvo.
Just emulate any of the games.
I doubt scene groups would waste their time with origina

Remember when video games can get cracked day one ? Patches also get cracked day one ???

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Damn really? They removed sonic mania drm within a year I think.

>faggots dont know about sellers of denuvo ticket accounts
lol you can play denuvo games for 2 bucks.

They Removed it because it was perfectly cracked.
Yakuza 7 crack was buggy some PC cant play it. Empress always makes a shitty crack

It should be easy to crack origins but why crack a shittier version of the game like that?

Family sharing / Denuvo offline abuse method barely works anymore. Once Denuvo ask you for go online (usually after 2 days offline or changing your hardware), unless your seller is generous, you fucked and need to buy the activation again.