What is the cancer in the video game industry and how do we treat it?

What is the cancer in the video game industry and how do we treat it?

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Western videogames


pandering to people who dont care about videogames but want to be included nonetheless


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Idk, seems like it's killing itself right now due to Biden

Special interest groups and women

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Western devs release cancer that brain dead normies eat up and throw money at
Western devs repeat the process
Foreign devs see the money and follow suit
Everything is shit

"Players" like this

graphics fags

delete this

>Live Service game

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'Social Justice Warriors' developers and their pandering.


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normalfags and consoomers and you can't. their shit taste and endless money ensures entropy destroys all creativity and only block buster "safe" games are made so they can soi face consoom once again and make wacky youtube video about them.

>ewww, it looks like a ps2 game

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Normalfags. But they only sped up what would eventually happen anyway. Everything in this world has a population threshold. Once its reached, it instantly turns to shit. From friends groups to entire countries, it always applies.

poor people
buying 3xxx RTX and can't cope with it

Marxism and a generational loss of skill. It's terminal.

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>how do we treat it?
we don't, we're looking for another hobby

normies really gave a high score to:
>A Plague Tale
>The Dark Pictures
what a low bar and a sad reality for gaming

Yeah, these "games" would have served better being an animated movies.

to be real with, they suck even as a movie/book format