Open world

>Open world

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>garbage thread

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I need more of those

I love that

God I hate resource gathering/crafting games so much. I played New World and realised all I had done was spend 200 hours fucking cutting down trees and picking up rocks. Who plays this shit?

>early access

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>open world
What went right?

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>open world
>stamina system
>neon colour palette
>western dev
>body type 1 and 2
>unskippable cutscenes

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why tf mod keep deleted wojak picrel thread but not this normie frog???

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Depends on the board and hour of the day, our mods do what they want.

>tfw you actually like both open world and crafting, but all open world games and all crafting games are kinda bad at it

I think crafting sounds very nice in theory but in the end it's just collecting and processing shit that gets more tedious the farther you get.
I wish there were games like cooking mama but for weapon smithing or some shit.

I liked it in Elden Ring

>Open-world without crafting
>Crafting without open-world

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Fuck you, I enjoyed Firis.

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Elden Ring, for all its other merits, is one of the most egregious examples of jumping on the "open world crafting" bandwagon just because.

The only thing I crafted in ER was the horse food, I don't know why they even bothered to put that in the game

Eh. You could fully just ignore it if you wanted but if you sat down and did it then you could make a lot of really great shit with it.
Arrows were really great since bows weren't total shit in ER.

Normie's love this fucking garbage so much but they never ever finish shit. I have a group of normie friends all pumped to play Valheim this weekend because they were reminiscing about all the fun they when we last played it a year ago without remembering we dropped it before even getting to the 3rd biome because they got bored and all the moments they remember were actually playing the game not when they were mining or base building.

I'm just going to use a cheat engine to add in all the minerals we need to make shit so we can actually play the game. I'll never understand normies.

Hmmm ever think maybe that's because open world and crafting might be stupid fucking mechanics?

Reminder that open world is almost never in a game to make it better, but to fuel escapism. It's there just to sell a feeling

>>Open world

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For me it's
>RPG elements
Instant garbage game.