I love Athena

I love Athena

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I don't get why she's hated so much. I thought she was pretty fun. She just need a better outfit.

I really like her outfit even if it's too quirky for a courtroom setting. It's mostly the tights.


i love my wife myriam

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Box girl is the cutest.

Based box JK enjoyer

She has a nice box

I want to sniff her feet

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For me it's Franziska

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Holy shit, she's literally BUILT for shota cock.

>"Kuso.. you are right. I am sad because I wanted to pin the murder on your defendant. Well played Ace Attournies"

This game is ass and considering AA4 that is impressive.

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Best character from the only good DD case

It pisses me off that none of the characters from 4 or 5 stuck around as much as the random people from the original trilogy.

I believe they said the reason why they recycled characters a lot on the original trilogy was to save time and space, since the franchise was just a minor side project at that time and couldn't afford much of either. They probably don't see the reason to do that anymore now that they don't have those limitations, and the characters from the original trilogy keep showing up because they became fan favorites at this point.

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Athena's solo game when?

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It's never used that way though.

>GK7 was supposed to be Athena solo game
>After she got like 60 votes in popularity poll they scrapped it and are back to square 1
Only reason there's no 7 news yet.