Tf2 won

Tf2 won

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More like Apex and Valorant won, who the fuck plays TF2 nowadays

>either bot filled servers or furfag servers

I wish TF2 was "winning" but it's still full of bots, despite Valve saying they would do something.
The game is fun but valve have other priorities it seems, very chaotic and mismanaged company.

>mfw not even Activision or EA did this for their multiplayer FPS titles

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OW1 and all the modes are ported on OW2

It's been years since their main priority became slowly siphoning pennies out of every user.

>not even Activision
This is an Activision game

>it's still full of bots
Self created problem.
An easy fix would be to remove all the skin garbage so there would be no reason to bot anymore. As long as pajeet can sell a hat for 50 cents and cover rent for a year like this he will keep doing it.

Holy shit you are so fucking out of the loop, idling for hats hasn't been a thing for almost a decade

bots have nothing to do with hats, the bots are designed to grief, not farm.

So somebody is literally pissing away money just to grief on a mass scale operation?
That sounds severely autistic and retarded.

more like Paladins won

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It's most likely a group running on donations. Still retarded an autistic.

who must go?

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>That sounds severely autistic and retarded.

Yeah. Yeah it does.

ow still exists in a state of decay, hated by its players
we'll see if ow2 can fix even that

>the last day of Overwatch 1
will people be unable to play it afterwards?

They turned my main into a tank, I have no intention of buying OW2. Forcing people to buy the same game a second time just to keep playing is pure arrogance. People meme on bethesda for that shit but at least I can still play Oldrim indefinitely, always online DRM
>nice shot m8, good shot, nice shot.
>somewhere over the rainbow playing over the mic
>some shitty compressed russian song playing at the same time
>good shot
>the bots vote to kick you from the lobby

It's the same problem as with Warcraft 3 reforged.
Original is removed, new one takes it's place.

>always online DRM
I forgot to finish that sentence but you get the gist

Don't forget the squids.

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>tfw it's finally over, watch

Not been the case for months
Furfaggotry died and was replaced by trannyshit

What? Just host a local server for you and your bros... Oh, sorry. Modern multiplayer piece of shit.

>not been a case for months
Bullshit, I even saw a bot with an Unusual

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They're shutting it down outright? What about all the money people spent on content and lootboxes?

>I saw a bot with an unusual
That'd be a script kiddie. Not a bot.
Protip: Those are in LITERALLY, EVERY, GAME.

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