>FFXIV community spends years pretending testers have to clear raids properly before launch
>YoshiP comes out and admits today that they've been testing nerfed versions of them the entire time
are FFXIV players retarded? genuine question.

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FF14 is dogshit

FF14 players couldn't handle basic aggro management, so yes.

hahaha obsessed troon. WoW will never be good again

>raid is buffed for 1% of the most autistic players
>playtester should be a gamer god more autistic than even OP

>have a set pattern for a boss fights
>community still can't do them
ffxiv community is trash what is the real issue.

FFXIV raiding takes zero skill so I'm not sure why they're implying that raiders have more skill than them. It's literally just memorizing the boss's rotation and having hands with fingers.

No one said that. No one asked.

Developers are fucking retarded and kneel to le bald angry man.

Funniest patch notes I've ever read and I've been here since 2.0 beta.

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The issue is that players spent years lying about it.

Reminder that no one complained about raid difficulty until WoW immigrants who are used to grinding gear to skip mechanics.

This is indisputable proof that the cult just makes up lies to suit the narrative they want to spin.

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>Reminder that no one complained about raid difficulty
Yeah, that's why Heavensward raids were perfectly designed and no one complained about them.

It was literally just pepsiman but HW also had a bunch of shit no one wants to remember like waiting for cooldown after each wipe, accuracy, etc.

I don't get the obsession over it. I like savage raiding because it's a fun activity to do with friends and it feels good when you beat it. But sometimes I or we are just bad and don't beat it. So I don't mind if we get buffs to help us beat it. It doesn't make you a worse person if you suck at videogames sometimes, and beating it when it's hard isn't the biggest thing in the world.

It was only gordias, and they weren't skill or balanced gated, but gear gated, like wow raids, they were designed to be clearable with 200 gear, not 170

>It was only gordias
and this time it's only P8S

P8s was fine, they changed it because of shitters

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Reminder that FFXIV players spent years lying about how the dev team tests raids to spin a "superior than WoW" narrative.

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You don't understand because you're not a week 1 raider. Week 1 raiding is literally the only time content is relevant because it's where pressing your buttons matters.

How can they tune a fight tighter when the only mechanic is standing in the right spot on the floor for 10 mins?

Content is still relevant after the fact, maybe not for that tiny percentage of players who week 1 raid but for everyone else it will be.
Why exclusively focus on the very smallest proportion of players?

This. I can't believe they caved, but also somehow would just nerf fights instead of actually make jobs fun again
>must have 120s burst
>range tax still exists
>no enmity management
>bosses have fuckhuge hitboxes now
>bosses pre-position themselves all the time so tanking is irrelevant

Didn't you raid better believing this was the case?

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jaina was mathematically impossible to clear to artificially elongate the world race. they were actively hotfixing her between pulls.

>we admit players are better than us

based, Blizzard would say absolutely fucking nothing and ban you if you called them out or spoke out of place

>nerfs the raid after everyone will have more gear making the dps check irrelevant
>buffs warrior
This would never happen if Yoshi-P wasn't currently focused on FF16

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Because balance only matters in cutting edge content, not when you have +i20 ilvl or echo.

True. Savage should be mandatory min ilvl and only reward titles, glamour, and the mount.

You faggots do realise that because of this bullshit, panda tier 3 will be the easiest most casual shit to ever exist.

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raidfags suffering in any capacity brings me more joy than raiding ever will.