What do (you) think of the Deus Ex games?

What do (you) think of the Deus Ex games?

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The first one is incredible
Invisible War is garbage
The new ones are alright

I've never ask for them, but they're good

>press X to watch cutscene

never played them. but i think i'd only enjoy the first one

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I think the Deus Ex game was pretty good

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Anyone here tries to hack every doors and chests?
Do you feel bad when you hack those hotel capsules in Chinese?

Despite the issues with the new ones as they relate to the first game, you can generally say that any Deus Ex game very easily mogs the rest of the industry at the time of release. Except IW...I'm trying to be more charitable in my criticism so I need to examine IW a little further.

I bought the bundle on sale a while ago, they're all great, even the shitty ones.

Original is contender for greatest game of all time
invisible war is trash
human revolution was good
mankind divided was ok

Invisible War is objectively a bad game

DX1: great
DX2: meh
DX:HR: alright
DX:MD: meh

I'm glad its dead. nuDE is basically just a console shooter with a couple of stats. Retarded story and ending, sub-plot that went literally nowhere, retarded takedown system (press a button something AWWSUM happnz!!1). It's an even more dumbed down than Invisible War. I hope they never revive the IP because if they do it will make Mankind Divided look like a masterpiece by comparison.

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>you can generally say that any Deus Ex game very easily mogs the rest of the industry at the time of release
Dark Souls, Portal 2 and The Witcher 2 are better than Human Revolution. You wait one more year and Dishonored absolutely obliterates Human Revolution.

You're right with the original and Mankind Divided, though.

The only thing bothering me with invisible wars is the required tweaking to be able to even launch it properly. I bought it when it got out and trashed it after 5mn but now I find it okish. Nostalgia maybe.


>Dishonored absolutely obliterates Human Revolution
In my experience, the biggest downside to HR was its XP system, which went so far as to objectively prioritize certain playstyles which can highly conflict some players; if you aren't ghost KOing every guard, EMPing every robot, hacking every computer, and backtracking every route, you get to wrestle with the knowledge that you're leaving Praxis Kits on the table. While Dishonored doesn't have a similar problem, its own leveling system isn't ideal either when it gives you hud waypoints directly to every Bone Charm and Rune in that area, which has design baggage such as not only outlining the areas that are important, but also outlining the areas which are less important via non-diegetic hud elements. You can just not use it and then wrestle with the constant knowledge that you are crippling yourself comparably to HR. In this way, I actually prefer how Thief 1 and 2 just track absolute amount of loot as opposed to the percentage tracking in Thief 3.

I never asked for this.

Deus Ex 1 was great, but Mankind Divided is near perfection gameplay wise. Shame the faggots at Square Enix Europe didn't let them finish the story

For all the shit Mankid Divided gets, it has the objectively best level design of the genre.

JC Denton is the funniest goddamn video game character of all time

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I kind of wish The Fall was more expanded on and was what the plot of the new games focused more on, but with Adam instead of Not Jean Reno as the lead. I think the story it was doing felt more connected to the previous games and I think HR/MD dive too much into fanfiction and way too ahead of its time sci-fi.

I enjoy this series quite a lot and I hope future games are an improvement