Are you going to roll on Genshin Impact's 3.1 banners?

Are you going to roll on Genshin Impact's 3.1 banners?

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No, I'm waiting for her.

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I'll roll for Candace. That's it.

>Candace is 4 star

what a way to waste a good design

This, might Albedo for the Geo Bro Team.


Guess I won't be getting Cyno after all. Venti, my beloved

trash design
Sumeru is such a mess

>ugly turd skin
>ugly turd skin
>third hydro sword

What do you consider a good design in Genshin then?

I'm rolling for the 4* but thats it. Everything else in sumaru is skipbait.
I'm not going to go for another 5* until they release my tomboy waifu.

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You don't know what a tomboy is.

A girl that has some masculine traits like athleticism, muscles and a brash attitude. Just like Dehya.
Go be a retard somewhere else.

I'm not sure why the dumb fox twinks both were 5* and shes not. More people will roll on Cynos banner for Candance than Cyno.

>candace on the homo banner
Just group the female characters with other female characters and there will be no profit loss because male characters are just as popular as female characters, right?

My only 5* is Klee but I'm rolling for Nilou and Nahida. Who's another cute 5* to round out the team?

you cant have klee on a nilou team, her teams must be all hydro/dendro

Ikr. Candace and Nilou's ratings are weird, Nilou looks 4 star and Candace has huge 5 star energy I'm kinda baffled she isnt.

I see.

What's the difference between a 4 and 5 star. Is it that drastic a change.

I want to get into the game but IDK if I need powerful units to play the story.


>Nilou looks 4 star
How? She's the only design people have been interested in from Sumeru since they first leaked.

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You speak as if there aren't a million other people who play this game and have different tastes. lol

It wasn't meant to be a dig, Candace just looks 5 star to me. I might be biased though cause her, Cyno, and Dehya are my sumeru picks.

Who's this delicious brownie, when is she out

Wait wait wait. SUMARU is the egyptian themed place? It's a godamn jungle. Please don't tell me they got rid of the desert area.

The desert is being added in 3.1 retard

desu nothing changes between 4* and 5*. 5* are usually stronger but some of the 4* are broken as fuck, even better than 5*. Only thing that changes is getting a 5* you have a 180 pity(guarantee after 180 pulls), getting a 4* you have no pity, so you may never get the 4* you want(pretty rare to happen)

Sumeru is gigantic and has both a rainforest and a desert.

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