Vidya only sometimes fills the void now

>vidya only sometimes fills the void now

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I can help fill your void nohomo

time to fill the void with friends, family, and a fulfilling career

wait when did i turn 32

>"le schizophrenia is just having imaginary best friends xDDD"

Gen Z is retarded beyond salvation

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Must be nice to have that instead of the most grotesque and contorted faces you can imagine flashing across your mind at random intervals of the day.

it hasn't for me since idk when. that void isn't meant to be filled with vidya lol

I get that when I really start thinking about them with my eyes closed, but with some thinking about good things they go away. Am I a schizo?

That's called a mirror. Haha!

Have you tried to get your holes filled with cum?
Women do that when they're depressed and it works great.

I seriously have imaginary friends and I talk to them about video games because I don't have real friends.

Does anyone else talk to themselves? Not as in schizo shit, just vocalising thoughts out loud to no one in particular

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Yes but I imagine it's someone very specific. An imaginary friend who just listens to my stupid thoughts.

I used, a fuckton. but then some trauma happened and i lost that. which is for the better. now it's just going on in my subconscious instead. peace of mind, at last!

I seriously think we should put shizos into death camps. Hitler would have done the same

If I didn't do that I'd probably lose the ability to speak.

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yeah i remember thinking like that as well back in the day. preparing topics and all that jazz

I do that all the time and especially around strangers. I hope they dont hear me.

Wait, doesn't everyone have this?

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I still live with my parents so I don't do it often, but I also refer to myself as "we" if I think or talk to myself.

Stop pretending like you're a streamer retard. No one would watch you anyway.