His complaints were:

His complaints were:

>Camera issues caused by the transition to 3D make a lot of experiences that used to be fun, like fighting keese and dodging obstacles, a chore.

>Most of the time combat isn't engaging because you're just waiting around for the enemy to allow you to kill them

>Glimmers of potential in the combat like Darknuts show that the combat had way more potential then they showed off and they mostly squandered it

>The above problem with the combat is part of a larger trend where the 3D games increasingly put an emphasis on visual spectacle (e.g, slow opening treasure chests) which made the series more and more like a passive theme park ride than an exploratory adventure or monster slaying game. This culminated in the shitfest that was Skyward Sword.

>The combat and puzzle elements of the game are now entirely separated and don't mix well at all, when before in 2D Zeldas they were the same thing, or could be part of the same room.

>There are a huge number of non-puzzles that don't hold up anymore, like shooting eyes on walls or jumping between platforms when there aren't any threats and you're just holding forward

I cannot find a single flaw in any of the above complaints, despite liking Ocarina of Time.

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>turns you into a let's player

this thread again

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counterpoint arin hansons brain has rotted out from repressing being a tranny for 40 years

>His complaints were:
Nobody fucking cares about your failed youtube channel, shut the fuck up.

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I wonder what he would have said in a sequelitis video about breath of the wild

He’s comparing two totally different kinds of games, it’s ridiculous to claim that one is better than the other. He even points it out himself that OoT is clearly going for a more cinematic experience, which it delivered. Alttp is much more focused on action. They’re two completely different games

I like how people actually agreed with this brain dead video for a while until other, better people started doing analysis videos.

The guy who made this shit went on to entirely embarrass himself being unable to even do the “brain dead platforming” he complained about or unable to see basic on screen instructions after becoming a lets play streamer.

Im glad nobody gives a fuck about egorapter anymore, its good that he’s faded. A hack, a has been, and a waste of decent animation talent.

Good riddance

Having flaws is not a "different kind of game." that is some masterful cope to help you sleep at night.

He would have done a contrarian “i am too stupid to understand what to do” thing and complain why the game didnt force him into a cooking tutorial.

I agree with you except for the platform, you have to remember back then people couldn't into 3D so actually nailing a jump was hard.

Would have been hilarious to see him do that take but then praise the original zeldas open world

My complaints about Ocarina I have always made since 1998 when I was a child and got the game for Christmas:
>map design outside dungeons is bad (dungeons are good)
>most of the enemies in the game are not the type to engage in combat
>overpowered shield (playing without makes the game more interesting)
>graphics are ugly as hell in many moments
>story and NPCs have no development at all
>cities are "fake", there is nothing to do in them, some can not even be considered cities as Goron City
>Z-Target trivializes many enemies like bats
>unbalanced difficulty (the game is too easy, some attacks remove 1/4 of a heart and you will quickly have several of them)
>rewards aren't satisfying (earning rupees after collecting all skulltules is a joke)
>rupees are basically useless
>masks are good for almost nothing
>lack of relevant side quests, some being basically fake like the race against the letter carrier
>99% of the time exploration is not worth it (imagine finding an unlikely hole in the field to discover a cow that gives milk which is a useless item when there are so many fairies easily available)
>everything very time-consuming, from the lines in the text boxes to the speed at which you scale vines
>most of the boss battles are just plain bad, including the final battle, and there is no excuse for that (developers have known how to do boss battles since the 80s with Mega Man)
>magic was not well integrated into the gameplay
>special arrows basically have no function (see how they fixed this in Majora Mask)
>puzzles for retards (compare with Alundra which is a contemporary game)

His own gameplay shows that he very clearly did not understand what he was talking about and just wanted to shit on a game widely regarded as the best of all time for views. It worked, because here you are almost a decade later making threads about it still.

That’s the thing that made BOTW a massive hit with casuals though: it’s one of the only games, probably ever, where there’s always multiple solutions to a problem, and one of the only games where most anything you could think of will work to some degree.

>"one of the only games where most anything you could think of will work to some degree."
>game forces you to dress up like a woman

Fuck I wanna play LttP all of a sudden.

If you've got a lot of time in LttP, try a randomizer. I found it to be quite refreshing, it's like solving a puzzle.

I'm going to tell you a secret, I've never gotten past the first Dark World dungeon I might as well just play it fresh.


You can take all of those complaints and find them in every game in the whole franchise, aside from 3d issues in the 2d games. Like his bitching about the eye thing. So, all the previous games' push the block on the button were better? The fag just doesn't like zelda, and won't admit it. Hence why he gushes about botw, the most unzelda there's been

Shut up faggot, Elden Ring is great too. All this nitpicking YouTube faggotry will age poorly

This has been debunked enough times already
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