Splatoon 3

What sort of gear are using while you wait for the GrizzCo line to fill out? I'm thinking of trying to make a cowboy/cowgirl costume.

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Just got the Rapid Blaster and this thing FUCKS

You can pick a Splatfest team already for next week if you want. Just a reminder you can have Murch scrub Splatfest tees for dirt cheap.

>What sort of gear are using
Now that you mention it, I better not see any of you grublets or funlets using gear this splatfest, you wouldn't want to be hypocritical bastards, would you?

i did it.. i fucking it did it... profeshional 2.

2v1ed to death while the other 2 guys were doing salmonoid bosses

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yeah if you know how to space yourself it's a monster

I like how it shits on the washing machine too

I've only seen on Team Fun member in the plaza.

I got to Eggsecutive VP 120 before I decided to demote myself to Profreshional 1 because of how bad the rotation was.

how do you demote yourself?

>Get to Eggsecutive VP
So...how hell is it?

Absolutely this. I avoided it out of frustration in the past, but lack of ink mines on anything else has made me use it. I've actually also enjoyed the hell out of e-liter for same reason and could never get into that charger in the first two games which is crazy to me. I was too used to Crash, Range and Luna Blaster but not playing for quite some time before 3 made me feel like Rapid Blaster was fresh

Big Man fags were buck broken during the testfire.

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>levelling up catalog after voting gives you a conch for gacha
thank fuck

ZL on the match menu. The prompt should be in the top right.

>want to get the splatfest tee from farming
>can't decide which team yet

I've seen a bunch of Gearfags in the Euro plaza.v Have only seen one foodie though. But yeah the Funfags appear to be somewhat plentiful.

And Nozzlenose chads ITT?
Also best song

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What decides the tie in a Clam Blitz semen slurper? I've won both times but I don't know why

Depends on which team scored higher first.

as a funfan I have only seen one team fun the rest is all gear

What if no one scored?

>Want to pick less popular team again
>can’t tell if it’s Frye or Big Man this time.

big man, it's always big man

Go pick your team now, the battle already begun

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It might be this time because fun is the goofy answer, but during the demo I was on rock and like 85% if the time I was fighting team scissors. There were definitely less people that picked paper