It's over, Cynthia lost to Ash. Now the two strongest trainers will face off in the finals

It's over, Cynthia lost to Ash. Now the two strongest trainers will face off in the finals.

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allister's slaves

and ash will lose as always such a unpredictable ending lol

Ironic how Ash looks like a normal person while newer generation people look weird and are dressed like retards

>as always
he won alola you tard. its a champions tournament. goh is also extremely popular and a fledgling trainer, the perfect opportunity to transition the anime over into the schooling bullshit the new region seems to have.

Redpill me on the current situation, if Ash wins does that mean he'll retire and the new femboy from the season will be the new protag?

Because that's based if true.

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theres potential. he is super popular.

What would the point of that even be by now?
>I'm only the second-best trainer in the world, time to drop off my team and start fresh in Poké Spain
They threw away any believability of status quo restoration as soon as he got into the tournament, let alone after he defeated Steven and Cynthia.

to piss everyone off ofc didnt you see what happened last time he lost? LOL

No wonder she lost
She's only strong against lolis

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Ash will win and announce Gou is his boyfriend on live TV

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She should've asked Ash to put on one of his many female disguises before the battle.

and then they kiss, right?

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>final isn't Ash vs Alain
Who gives a flying fuck about Leon? Ash losing to Alain was the exact point where people stopped caring about Ash trying to be the very best, and this was the time to fix that a bit. You could have even simply resolved this by moving the bracket around a little where you could still force Leon in the final but have Ash face Alain in the Semi-Finals to prove he's grown.
Hell the final fight would be the fucking same as it's all still Charizard fanwanking in either fight.



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I heard all the kids hated Goh and that they were doing a CG reboot series with ash instead, that's all just scuttle though, I really don't think Goh is popular either way.

>he won alola
Even in the games, there in no League Champion for Alola. The champion title of Alola only exists in the anime in a thrown together cup doing it's first entry that didn't even have an entrance criteria due to them having no gyms. Ash's win in the Orange Islands literally has more prestige than the Alola win.

ash loses and finally understand that life isnt about being the best but about growing as person and finally give marry one of the best loli in the whole franchise.get a family and his own gym,raise his kids to be the next "best" pokemon master or whatever.
good ending.

>and finally understand that life isnt about being the best
I don't wanna be, the very best, like Leon always waaaaaaas

I don’t see this dude taking over unless Ash just fucking does and he gets his Pikachu

Make the ending be Serena's face watching it on TV.

final should have been Gary/Blue vs ash fuck this zoomer purple haired nobody.

Anime Gary has retired from being a trainer and has gone down the researcher route. He still beat Ash in their last match to prove a point, but he's chilled out now.

>Even in the games, there in no League Champion for Alola
ffs really? I just started playing USUM. The cutscenes were already killing me.

Yeah but they are still 10 years old he can't have been retired that long.

Yes, really. They have trail captains but no gyms, and their elite four isn't a regional league. It's just a continuation of the trail captain idea.

Leon has been Ash's end goal since the start, Alain was just there to fill out the last slot and to show that Leon's Charizard is even stronger than his even without gimmicks.

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Well there's still a champion fight but there's no determined champ, it's just a fight for king of the hill.
SM had the better final boss

Gary is 40 now

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Who, the hot milf?

>femboy protag
qrd? I'm out of the loop and this topic interests me

gary was so ahead of ash that making ash catch'um would have been unrealistic.
next step for gary is literally becoming an evil emperor of whatever region ash will have to finally defeat him for justice

It's been years, the characters simply don't age.

Ash will never be replaced unless ash passes on his pikachu which seems kinda fucked up and wont happen, so unless they manage to strike lightning in a bottle with a new mascot that is as popular and recognizable as pikachu ash wont ever be replaced.

Wait so how is ash still 10?

You beat the Elite Four and become the first champion, then professor Kukui comes in as your first challenger reversing the usual approach. The anime did the same thing.

I mean the hentai fight with Lusamine was better too but i meant Professor fight

wasn't the island challenges required to enter the Pokemon league in Alola? I remember the game had an elite four and Kukui as the champion, it was kinda improvised because it was the first time the region had a proper League

there are a million ways the show can go on with Ash as protagonist even if he wins a "true" pokemon league, he can just go for another one or become the mentor of a younger trainer

Because ash doesn’t age

Perpetual youth being the son of a mister mime

Mr Mime came into his mom's life long after Ash left home.

Ash during the Hoenn, Sinnoh and Kalos seasons is clearly older

I thought that was a tomboy. Fucking end it bros.