Sony can't make good ga-

>sony can't make good ga-

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Never played 4, what made it better than 7?

>Never played 4, what made it better than 7?
No microtransactions
No online required


>2004 game
>ps2 game
they were different back then.

>sony can't make good ga-
sony made phenomenal games, snoy on the other hand...

Gonna need a bit more recent evidence, champ.

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Sony didn't make it though.

Sony didn't make it

Polyphony Digital is an internal Japanese first-party video game development studio for PlayStation Studios. Originally a development group within Sony Computer Entertainment known as Polys Entertainment,[2][3] after the success of Gran Turismo in Japan, they were granted greater autonomy and their name changed to Polyphony Digital. It currently has four studios in Japan, the Netherlands, and the United States.

-mes anymore.

It was running on black magic on PS2. 1080i at 60fps on such a weak ass console, imagine.
Sure there is no visible damages on vehicles but it still looks good today and minus the rally mode everything is still fresh and fun to play.

Weekly reminder that snoy killed Japan studio and replaced them by ameritroons and moved the HQ to commiefornia.

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don't remind me

more cars
better GT mode
I could go on forever honestly

Damn. I wonder why they were never able to make a GT mode that good again?
I should give it a try.

it's the best GT game in terms of singleplayer content, but I prefer the handling model of GT3 and GT2

4 is the best in the series, then maybe sport, 6 and 3. The retooled physics are much better than 3 imho, it hits the sweet spot between arcade and simulation.

>dark cloud
>rogue galaxy
japan studio had nothing to do with those. those were back when level 5 were making games for snoy

You're being reminded of the sorry state of this world RIGHT NOW

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