This isn't right, persona doesn't feel right on a non sony system, i feel sick to my stomach

this isn't right, persona doesn't feel right on a non sony system, i feel sick to my stomach.

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who cares

Why are you always roleplay as playstationfags tendie?

lmfaoooo are you literally shaking rn?

I bought P4G because it was 20 bucks, I'll buy this one if it's similarly priced.
>inb4 they slap Falcom prices on it

It's $60, but all the dlc comes with it for free. P5R on PS4 is $60 and the dlc is like another 50$

Yeah, and if you feel bad that it's gonna be on a pc platform, just wait until you see me torrent a cracked version.

It will be €60 and you will buy it

Stop making video games your entire identity.

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Enjoyed it on ps4 and will enjoy it again on steam deck

>on steam deck
based, I'm doing the same


Get used to the feeling because you will be feeling this a lot more.

All the DLC came with the emulated version too. Know how much that cost me? Fucking NOTHING.

haha shut the fuck up Todd

Persona doesn't feel right on any system. It's a series that is genuinely offensive to my senses and only exists so failed men can self-insert as an attractive teenage boy who everybody likes unconditionally. Trying to play 4 back in the day actually made me feel bamboozled by Any Forums.

nobody asked

Don't care. Won't sage so more people see my post.

Good luck with that, fag

And before some cuck posts
He doesn't crack anime or Japanese games and that's why they don't appear on the poll anymore.

The dlc didn't come with the emulated version poorfag. You can't emulate Persona 5 ROYAL you can only play the shitty original ps3 version made for chuds only.

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Its 60$. Check Microsoft Store, which is probably the same price Steam will get.

There's always the "lets pay that unhinged bastard" option, but for whatever reason nobody decides to make some sort of pool for people to pay, lets say, 1$ each
Make that happen and you'll get every good game ever cracked

Why would you pay for piracy? That defeats the whole point

it's releasing on the switch too you retarded cunt
day 1 pirate on yuzu

Depends on the point I guess?
For some people, the point of piracy is to be able to keep your own games without relying on third-parties that might force you to be online or literally leave you gameless if the service goes tits up
For another group, probably the biggest, its a matter of prices: videogames are stupid expensive. Thats one of the reasons gamepass has a lot of success.
"Not paying anything" is the dream, of course, but beggars cant be choosers.