Warhammer *clap* is *clap* for *clap* everyone *clap*

Warhammer *clap* is *clap* for *clap* everyone *clap*

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what's with the "y'all"

I've never been interested in warhammer.

Daily reminder Any Forums actually wants this. Well, you got exactly what you deserved.

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I've never been interested in trannies.

>ya girl
he should have said "ya boy'

>another thread to try turning people against Space Marine 2, a much anticipated sequel, before it even launches
>Even they GW has the final say and would punch them in the dick if they tried to shit up their cashcow IP with trannies

>Saber Saint Petersburg
Dont worry comrade, we not appreciate homos here.

GW doesn't give a single fuck about the quality of 40k games. They always give the IP to some literal who dev.

>a much anticipated sequel
lmao imagine looking forwards to nuhammer's adidas primaris cancer.
I, for one, am glad 40k is down the woke shitter. Means I'm not feeling bad about seeing my favourite teenage franchise die of cancer.

>high anticipated

Please. Nobody cares. Space Marine 1 was painfully mediocre, the only good thing about it was the environments and fitting aesthetics of 40k, the gameplay and story were boring and forgettable. I wouldn't have minded a sequel but seeing Primaris Marines (Ultramarines no less) in the trailer made me lose all interest in it.

They control the narrative, not the quality.

>Nooooo! nobody wanted a sequel after the first game! Imagine being hyped from OC Marines!
It's been anticipated since the first game and the inclusion of OC-Marines was basically guaranteed after GW invented them in the lore.
>I'm glad watching my favourite franchise die of cancer because it means I won't feel bad for it dying of cancer.

Of course it was going to be Ultramarines you fucking sperg. What sort of mental gymnastics and cocaine did you snort to convince yourself otherwise when the first game was Ultrasmurfs?

Aw man just as I was finally deciding to read and try some 40k

You're 10 years too late.

>caring about the "story" of some scifi dragon ball nerd shit

Ya need to get laid

Someone unironically likes Warhammer?

Apparatchik seizing working class and kulak language, appropriating it to seem like the people the "revolution" is meant to benefit instead one of its real beneficiaries (a party member). Not in the literal sense, of course.

Current fad. Like people unironically typing "chef's kiss"
Offenders will regret their actions on the day of the rope.

I am disappoint. They throw on a wig it their hobbies always stay the same, don't they? The real Grimdark

So a man dressed like a woman write Warhammer 40k…
Is just another autistic kind of man

>and fitting aesthetics of 40k
Even then it's weird. You're on a Forge World but there's not a single Adeptus Mechanicus dude to be seen or even a skitarii. There are some random Cadians on this forge world though because... reasons.

>Current fad
It was appropriated years ago by coastal liberals to make themselves appear more like the working class that they actually despise and want to replace or eliminate. They adopted it because their ideology venerates the proletariat, but as Frank Herbert said, if you scratch a liberal, you find an aristocrat, and this aristocracy hates the peasantry. It's the same reason they adopted "folks" as a quirky colloquialism.

>It's been anticipated since the first game
You're fucking delusional.

Fantasy Battles lore is interesting. Space Battles are homosexual.

cultural appropriation

Great for them, doesn't change the fact that they started using it only in the last year or so.

that's still a dude, might be fine
also a senior writer isn't the lead writer. Everything important is finished

They didn't start using it in only the last year or so, this has been going through the 2010s is my point. It has been going on for a long time.

Yeah, it's so anticipated that's why the SM1 sold like shit, huh.

>Primaris cancer

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>The most anticipated game of that entire event
>sent shockwaves that it was actually happening
>everyone literally celebrating
>Any Forums gets multiple spam threads like Yakuza did
>now people just post demoralization threads about it with obsessive tranny shit