Never played any Assassin's Creed games before? Is it worth 30 dollars if i liked the shadows of Mordor/war games?

Never played any Assassin's Creed games before? Is it worth 30 dollars if i liked the shadows of Mordor/war games?

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>buying games

Can't you get it cheaper? It's pretty fun but very long.

Is it worth my bandwidth then poorfag?

There's certainly 30 dollars worth of content there, but there's also so much damn filler you'll get bored if you don't restrict how you play.

Origins and Valhalla are both better since they don't have all that grindy bullshit.

yeah its the best out of the 3 nu-asscred
its bright, colorful and vibrant and i liked that a lot
there's a fuckload of content and i ended up never finishing the game but i got some 90 hours from it before i started feeling bored
dont get valhalla, its so drab and ugly

Cheapest i could see was 20 bucks. I'm just curious whether the games actually worth the money if i'm buying it out of pure curiosity.

This game is decent but it's doesn't play like an Assassin's Creed at all.
If you want to play an AC, you should play 2, Brotherhood, etc...

I've got it for 18 bucks with all the DLC on the ubi store, you're getting robbet

Origins, Valhalla, and Odyssey. You shouldn't view these games as AC or expect an AC title.
If you've never played AC and want to play an AC game, the most recent one you should get is Black Flag. Best choice is probably 2, though.
For this specific trio though, you should view them as western open world RPGs that are just using AC name to boost sales.

Do you want to play an open world RPG about Egypt? Origins.
Do you want to play an open world RPG about Vikings? (But mostly england for some retarded reason) Valhalla.
Do you want to play an open world RPG about the Greek? Odyssey.

Valhalla shit has a bunch of spiritual undertones but it's all passed off as alcohol or drug fueled trips. Though the most recent DLC is set in supernatural completely.
Origins mostly keeps it to superstition until you get to DLC where you're literally in Duat and chased by jackal headed warriors and shit.
Odyssey turns fantastical up to 11. You're taking down god ships, fighting demihumans, taking on Minotaur, cyclops, Sphinx, Medusa, and the last 3 DLCs are set in Elysium, Tartaros, and Atlantis, respectively, and each one has it's on share of monsters and gods to fight as you could imagine. The Atlantis DLC caps off the entire game with a Hekatoncheires boss fight. And there's a ton of mythical armor and weapons to get.

If you wanna play an open world RPG that barely has anything to do with AC universe and nothing with AC gameplay, then these games are perfectly servicable and have more than enough content. And depending on what you want, in order from least to most supernatural content, it's Valhalla > Origins > Odyssey.

Everything is a transaction, user. There's no such thing as free. If it doesn't cost money, then it costs energy, or time, or one of countless other resources. Stop being a child.

Its been discounted for cheaper.

Odyssey is probably the best one out of the ARPG-ACs.

If you like the Mordor games you'll probably like both Odyssey and Valhalla. Origins is the odd middle-ground between older style AC and very basic RPG loadout elements.

Its a fun game, a bit too loot heavy(new gear every 10minutes) and ungodly long.
Its pretty fun to play, but it overstays its welcome by 50 hours or so. Would be more fondly remembered if it was about 20hours. Valhalla is even worse in length.

If you need to beat games and think your money is worth more than your time, look elsewhere

It's on gamepass

>paying 30 dollars for a digital product and paying the delivery fee
>paying the delivery fee
pick one

>a bit too loot heavy(new gear every 10minutes)
The fuck is this statement?
It's an RPG, everything drops gear with randomized stats. It's not "every 10 minutes" It's a constant influx of gear as you get different stats to build and optimize. You make it sound Like the game keeps introducing new gear constantly, it's just a loot system, jesus fuck do you describe every RPG as "too loot heavy"?

It's like you missed what I said at a very fundamental level and not only are you too retarded to realize it, but you're retarded enough to feel pride in being too retarded to realize it.

Wait till it's $20.

If you like Greek mythology and history and don't mind repetitive mission design it's a great game to just chill out with.

Nah it's garbage stuffed with filler and soulless quests. Also Ancient Greece is an extremely boring time period.

Go with Black Flag or Origins if you want a good open world AC

You can run around larping as a spartan soldier stabbing bandits in the face with a trident.

Agreed. Loved this game for a dozen hours or so then it was just like "....really?" Shit never ends. Writing is meh and although the combat is an improvement compared to old AC games, it's still not on par with the best third person action games.

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