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Literally made for me (a BBC).

More like Pokemon BLACKED.

My hotwife hilda!

>posts someone's drawing
Leave, coomer.

The fuck is a hotwife?

Beat me to it

please i have things to do in the morning.......... i cant coom right now i just got finished a couple hours ago........

A wife that's hot for you while being shared.

I'm playing Platinum instead.

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i'm not gunna buy a switch to play it because the steam deck is superior in every way

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>Joshua "Tiny Pecker" Ulmer thread

It means you're replying to an autistic homosexual that does nothing in his life, but refresh Any Forums’s catalog, and talk about how much he wants to be cucked.

calm down i also post vidya butts

literally built for it


He does it for free


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Why you got this saved

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>$1000 in my country
Why am I here? Just to suffer?

cottonee is a pokemon black exclusive

Me in her back pocket (she is dynamaxed)