Well, Any Forums?

Well, Any Forums?

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sorry I don't speak spanish


omae no chinchin something something

I think there's something very sad about the mentality of some Japanese that 皮被り is a problem, in 99 cases out of 100 it's not, and surgery is completely unnecessary. Stop watching kike porn and thinking that's what a "normal" penis should look like.

and a ching chong nip nong to you young lady

Is he using "flowery" language to complain about phismosis? what does he mean by "niban to sakanai". And nips tend to watch mostly domestic porn anyway so I doubt that's the issue

meant for

>niban to
二度と、retard. Domestic porn is all censored, so these retards go around thinking having any foreskin at all is "wrong".

your cock is bud-like in nature
it won't open again - it's phimotic

go to the hospital to get it opened,
that magnificent bud of yours!

though you haven't used it once in your life
you shall bring that flower into magnificent bloom!

yet another victim of the american porn industry

don't care not gon use it on another person

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If you actually have phimosis (not Japanese "phimosis" which only exists in Japan and isn't a real thing), it's fairly easy to fix and makes masturbation more enjoyable.

Why is NTR such a huge thing in Nippon?
Ah, Japanese literature at its finest!

The fuck do you know about my penis you freak? You eyein me from across the globe? Fuck you

Pray enlighten us user

There are numerous procedures that can widen the foreskin, from topical applications to minor surgery. Speak to a doctor, and if they mention circumcision tell them to fuck off and find a doctor who isn't a kike slave.

Phimosis isn't even real.
lol. suuure.

and a ching chong ping pong to you too

>even more vidya unrelated threads but now in moonrunes
actually I prefer it more than twitter/reddit/youtube screencaps

>not Japanese "phimosis" which only exists in Japan and isn't a real thing
so that's why doujins mention phimosis so much. I always found it weird because it's a seemingly uncommon thing in the west


>gay opinion
>gay opinion, Japanese

In Japan, "phimosis" is used for something called 仮性包茎, which is essentially just a failure for foreskin retraction. About 80% of men worldwide "suffer" from this condition, well, at least the ones who weren't mutilated at birth. There are various degrees of foreskin retraction, usually determined by the size of your foreskin and how much of a grower you are.