You're exploring a wasteland earth

>you're exploring a wasteland earth
>women you meet there are all K-pop idols

What kind of people appreciate this setup?

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I do!

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literally me. yes, please.

I hope there's a dub just so I never have to hear the one on the left's voice again.

If you were exploring a paradise there would be no women retard.

found the spergcel

Me, I love it.

Yes, I loved the trailer but the voice...

You guys have yellow fever.


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Not really, I like cute girls from all races.

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>this is meant to be the villain

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No niggers it's heaven.

I wish the main character looked like the girl on the right. Her face is so much cooler.


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i can fix her

Well that is fucking cool but its probably super weeby JRPG shit isnt it? Whats the game name?

>you're exploring a wasteland earth
>"Women" that you meet are 5/10 artificial dolls
Sounds right to me

>you can only breed Asians from now on

Go on and reproduce, or die alone for your race?

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people are just tired of the mutt art that's plaging videogames.

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Where is the Miyeon autist?

Thank fucking god.

First reply, how did you miss it?

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>What kind of people appreciate this setup?

What would you rather prefer? Racially ambiguous brown ugly women?

Heterosexual men.

Tbh, it's like tradition for the main rival to look cooler than the protag. Travis and Henry, Dante and Vergil, Raiden and Sam, etc.

>>you're exploring a wasteland earth
>all you meet are negresses with afros
>they spend the entire game lecturing you about racism

Ahh yes, truly western games are worth the 70$ (plus tip)

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Stellar Blade (previously known as project Eve) and its Korean.

Another game about ugly people ?