Tales of Symphonia remaster is running at 30 FPS, AI upscalled and is basically an emulated version of a PS2 version

>Tales of Symphonia remaster is running at 30 FPS, AI upscalled and is basically an emulated version of a PS2 version
Why would anyone buy it?

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At this point it's obvious the source code has been destroyed. If you lost all of the pieces and aren't willing to recreate the game from scratch, you shouldn't be allowed to sell something you didn't make (no one that made it is still around) using an emulator that you didn't make

>Why would anyone buy it?
was the only good tales game

Because it's a new release and people will flock to it regardless

that literally doesn't matter, we have all the tools to decompile any game and port them to PC and other consoles.

To avoid plugging in their GameCube, I guess.

see ya in 10 years then since your game is probably at the bottom of the list of shit to decompile

Requires a substantial amount of engineering work and effort. Not impossible, but it would be a major expense compared to having some low wage contractor shit out a half functional port job.

Arise was

>is basically an emulated version of a PS2 version
why is Any Forums so tech illiterate, holy shit.

I guess people were just hoping they'd finally fix the framerate back up to 60fps, but that's just wishful thinking.

they didn't announce PC version for a reason, it was available for years on PC

>just forward porting the PC port

Being king of shit pile isn't a very good excue to buy it

Pick one and only one.

>any tales of game

How to say you're a casual without saying. There's nothing in Symphonia that sequels didn't do better, sorry if never played them.

A disappointment

This should be against the law

does a steam version exist? and didnt they port it to ps3?

10 people could do it in a year
But these fuckers are cheap and consoomers enable this behavior

why must everything be ai upscaled it always looks like shit

Why would you spend a Million (minimum) on a game that you can just emulate?

steam and ps3 are based on ps2 port.
the "gamecube original" is basically lost. gamecube is the only way to play the game at proper 60fps, without downgraded particles and cel shaded graphics.

They just re-released the PS3 version for modern consoles.

Abyss and vesperia maybe. Every game after those was kinda meh

Why would they not be allowed to sell it? It belongs to the company, not whatever programmers and game devs happened to be employed there when it was made.