Is zomboid still in development hell or is it getting better?

Is zomboid still in development hell or is it getting better?
Apparently devs used to ban people complaining about how long it's been in development

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it's getting better, the real dry spell was the 2+ years they took to make the graphics overhaul that nobody asked for, these days the patches are coming out faster and faster

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no. They still take half a years to add minor tweaks. I don't expect the game to be done by 2040

>Find House
>Gather essential items

Then what? This game is so shallow and I don't understand why people play it.

Is it worth a buy, though? It's like 2 bucks for me

>Gather essential items
such as? I'm getting into the game right now and just completed the tutorial
what items should I look out for

It's worth 200 hours of fun even in its current stage so go for it.

a bottle of bleach. Empty it to get a large water container
any kind of guitar because it's the best weapon for no skill
any kind of bag because you need it to carry stuff

Most important
watch the fucking tv, my nigga.

But muh laptop user!

wait, actually it's 4 bucks
yeah, it does look fun, but it feels bad playing an unfinished game

saw an old man play it, seems fun

Did they add NPCs and more story?

They should add achievements and some end game scenario

>Did they add NPCS?

Theres plenty of content as is

We'll get that 2024 best case scenario. They're still working on a tech tree rework as of now.

Bleach containers got nerfed. Just carry a water bottle or two.

It's just as bad as it's always been.

>Fortify your home
>Gather recourses
>build a farm
>Gather recourses
>Prepare for winter
>Gather recourses
>lose concentration while fighting zombie
>Accidentally move my mouse over my character for a split second
>My character makes a 180 and gets bitten in the back
>100 hours of progress lost again
>Start a new world

>100 hours of progress
what the fuck I don't want to play this anymore

>start as burglar
>get any car you want
>pick your base and drive to it
>HONK HONK zombies from 10 screens away
>slowly have the zombie parade follow you to a remote location
>can now do whatever the fuck you want in your base for like a week before zombie migration sets in
>get bored on day 2 and stop playing
Every time

>All loot rarity set to extreme
>Water / Electricity shutoff instant
>12 months after apocalypse setting
>Farming settings all to very low / hard
>Foraging stats to default or abundant, up to you
>Start in winter, temperature to cold / very cold
>Generator spawn low
>Car spawn normal, starting condition very low
>Customisable zombie mod: sprinters to 1-3% chance
>Mods that 'decay' the world, smashed windows, broken doors etc
>Keep infection on
>Start your character with out of shape, feeble, etc debuff stats with no positive stats. Your character is an average Joe. Work to survive.

This is as difficult as I could make the game via sandbox settings without making it just straight up tedious with something like all sprinters. Hell, even with food set to extremely rare there's still fuck loads of it. Also modding / tweaking the game to look like 'The Last of Us' decayed world is kino and comfy as hell.

>>Keep infection on
why would you do that to yourself

This game's combat mechanics are nowhere near sophisticated enough to deal with 1hit kill bullshit.

disable infection and suddenly first aid isn't pointless

The sudden popularity seemed to have kicked up development, they're posting updates quite regularly.

Finally we'll be getting a source of chicken nuggets

it is very very fun with friends. we would establish a base and raid big landmarks. solo, levelling is at a snail's pace and making the deadline before electricity and water cuts off makes it harder